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Steam Cream – £12.95

Steam Cream has been an ‘it’ product for quite a while now.  Their various designs of eco-friendly tins have made Steam Cream become a cult product.  But it’s what’s inside the tin that really impresses me!

The cream is so light to use, it smells amazing and hydrates my skin immediately.  It contains orange flower water, lavender essential oil, cocoa butter, oatmeal infusion and rose absolute.  Steam is then used to fuse these natural ingredients together and it’s this process that gives the cream it’s ‘lightness’.

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Catrina : 5th February 2013 4:31 am : Body, Hands, Skin Care
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Dream Cream Hand and Body Mosturiser by Lush – £10.95

My staple body product. There is a reason this is one of Lush’s best products and that’s because it has everything you could possibly want from a moisturizer. The cooling and soothing effect of applying this cream is wonderful, especially for sore skin. It’s suitable for sensitive skin too which is an added bonus for the people who suffer from eczema and have a life stuck using E45!!  It softens the skin and really sinks in well. The consistency is good and the smell is divine ( I think they must have packed nearly all the nicest smelling essential oils in there or something?).

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Catrina : 25th January 2013 11:24 pm : Body, Hands, Hands & Nails
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