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Quote Of The Day 22nd October

Today’s quote comes from an unlikely source, the children’s film Harry Potter. When I heard Albus Dumbledore saying it to Harry Potter, I found it really rather profound! I think that it is very much relevant to the real (muggle) world, and it’s particularly poignant to me, in regards to my current health situation.   So I simply had to share it with you!


Quote Of The Day (From Yesterday, Oops!)

How could I have forgotten to post this Quote Of The Day? It is one of my favourites so far! Anyway, I hope you like it, and it helps you as much as it does me. Every time I look in the mirror I am going to be reminding myself of this quote, because it’s so true!


Quote Of The Day 15th October

  This quote was told to me by a lovely lady named Kathryn from Rejuvenated Ltd, I found it such a touching quote that I simply had to share it with you guys. I am looking forward to interviewing Kathryn in the near future. Hope you are having a lovely week,


Quote Of The Day 30th September

Live once

  Today’s quote is the second one that has come from my own fair hand. Strangely enough I just wasn’t inspired by any famous quotes today; they just didn’t fit in with how I’m feeling. I think this is because I have a medical proceedure for my back tomorrow, and I’m really nervous! (I’m in a wheelchair if you didn’t know; it’s just the way I roll! ) But, I still wanted to do a thought for the day for more »