Reveal Your Skin's Ultimate Beauty With Argan Skin Renew By Nourish

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This cream is for serious Beauty Addicts, it’s an amazing find! I’m really excited by this product – can you tell?

It’s been a really hard week or so for me, with hospital procedures and quite a lot of pain, but this special cream has provided precious moments of calm, luxury and reprieve ( and that’s just during application… it’s after application when the real magic begins).

The first thing I noticed with this cream is the beautifully delicate, yet deep, fragrance of Frankincense and Rose of Jericho. They leave a kiss of scent on the skin that lingers well after application.

First of all, one must cleanse and tone the skin before using moisturiser. So once that was done in ultra quick speed I might add (because I was so excited to try this product) I was ready to apply. The cream looks thick inside the pot and it’s such a wonderful feeling as I scoop a little out using my finger. It’s cool, soft and velvety on the finger and when spread over the face it immediately feels refreshing, cool and deliciously indulgent for the skin. It definitely works better when it is applied using light massaging stokes, it is then absorbed quickly leaving a softness to the skin that kept making me want to touch my face all day!

Visible changes to my skin have been mainly to my complexion; it definitely seems more luminous after each application, and all my dry, flaky areas have become soft and hydrated now. I’m so impressed by this cream!

Since using this product, the texture of my skin has changed considerably, it makes the skin so soft, and is a great prep for using make up.

Consequently, I have started using this moisturiser as a primer too, because it helps create a flawless dewy effect when foundation is applied on top. Plus it helps the make up stay in place for longer.

I have also used the cream on dry patches of skin because I thought that if it is helping make the skin on my face become softer; it may help the dry skin in other areas. I have been so pleased with the results. It really is a multi-functional cream, I guess with it being jam-packed with essential oils it is bound to be amazing at hydrating the skin! What a treat!

Of course Frankincense has lots of exciting skin benefits including; anti ageing properties, it balances the skin; whether it is too oily or too dry, heals and rejuvenates skin, soothes and also calms the skin and mind. Then Rose of Jericho adds it’s fabulous hydrating and protective ability. It defends the skin from the elements when you are out and about, and then promotes repair afterwards.

I really feel like this cream is caring for my skin straight-away from application and then continuing throughout the day/or night. Nourish say that Argan Skin Renew is clinically shown to increase skin hydration by 25% for 24 hours and it immediately replenishes moisture by 80%. I can totally concur with those results as I have experienced them first hand. I would definitely suggest anyone with sensitive skin to use this as it is so kind and gentle and it is suitable for all skin types.

Plus as you know, here at Secrets Of A Beauty Addict we promote organic and animal friendly brands and products. Argan Skin Renew is 85% Organic and of course has no animal testing or animal products, their whole brand is 100% vegan! Gosh I love those lovely Nourish guys!

Nourish have such a unique brand mentality, and I love their approach on skincare. They really do want to ‘nourish’ their customers’ skin, it is obvious that they really care about them!

Their ranges were developed by considering two factors; core skin type and lifestyle.  So each of your purchases is tailored for your specific skin needs. This is because they say that the way our skin ages and looks is dependant upon internal and external factors. So they have created different ranges designed to correlate with the type of needs you have such as; Relax, Protect, Balance, Radiance. Then they also have products for the specific skin types; Dry skin, Sensitive skin, Combination skin and Normal Skin. So your skincare routine can be tailored exactly to your own requirements, and therefore Nourish helps reveal your optimum skin beauty, like no other brand can!

You can buy Argan Skin Renew for £21.50! Which for 50ml is a great price, especially when compared to other organic moisturisers from other brands which retail at a much higher cost. Additionally, you don’t need much to cover the face and neck, a little goes a long way.

I really recommend this product. If you are wanting a moisturiser that will hydrate the skin quickly and efficiently then Nourish Argan Skin Renew is for you. Click here to buy.

I give this product an absolutely well deserved 10 out of 10 lipsticks!



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