Quote Of The Day 30th September

Live once


Today’s quote is the second one that has come from my own fair hand. Strangely enough I just wasn’t inspired by any famous quotes today; they just didn’t fit in with how I’m feeling. I think this is because I have a medical proceedure for my back tomorrow, and I’m really nervous! (I’m in a wheelchair if you didn’t know; it’s just the way I roll! )

But, I still wanted to do a thought for the day for you guys. So I thought about my life and I realised something profound, and in equal measures, quite obvious, that each day is precious! Therefore, even if I have something horrible happening I can still try make the most out of the day. What a revelation!

Maybe I could do a face mask before I go to the hospital, while listening to my favourite track. Or maybe plan a magazine sesh for on the ward…the point is; I’m going to take what I have been given and ‘Make sure it’s FABULOUS!’

Hope that helps you too, wish me luck!

love beauty