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Thank you Katie for agreeing to answer some questions for me. How has your life changed in recent years?

Drastically and I’ve walked in many different shoes, from being young with not a care in the world, to being ill and in hospital and now finally back to work doing something that I love, which is a great feeling.

You’re a huge inspiration to so many, especially to myself. Do you feel a massive responsibility when people call you ‘an inspiration’ to them?   Who inspires you?

So flattered, but the incredible people that support me, particularly the younger generation, that I have a lot of contact with on Twitter, inspire me daily.  I’m lucky enough to come into contact with some amazing people through the charity who fundraise for us.

My Mum inspires me, she has shown me what it is to give unconditional love and support in whatever situation.

What advice would you give someone who is coming to terms with a disability, such as being in a wheelchair or having a disfigurement?

Recovery and acceptance is a journey and don’t punish yourself for down days, they’re completely normal.   The hurdles we face in life shape us and make us into the person we become today.

I was given your book, ‘Start Your Day With Katie’, it has been such a help to get me through each day. Do you subscribe to ‘The Secret’ way of thinking, that if we start the day with one of your affirmations that it will attract more positivity?

I read “The Secret” and used the audio tapes as part of my own recovery and yes, I firmly believe that what you put out to the universe you get back in abundance, which is why I try to think positively as much as possible.

What is your opinion of society’s view of the disabled or the disfigured? Do you think attitudes are changing ?

Yes, I certainly think attitudes are changing, there are more documentaries than ever about disability and visible difference and a wider range of role models for young people.   There can never be enough awareness raised.    It is fantastic that people like yourself are blogging to raise awareness and normalise disability and visible difference.

You started up your own foundation, what is your ultimate goal for the foundation?

The ultimate goal of The Katie Piper Foundation is to ensure that the intensive burns rehabilitation and scar management that I was lucky enough to benefit from in France becomes available to burns survivors here in the UK.

You have done so much for our society through your books, television programmes, magazine column and foundation. Is there one prolific venture that you are most proud of?

I’m most proud of the Foundation and the people it has helped.   It is fantastic to see that burns survivors who originally approached us for help, are now helping others themselves.

I saw the pictures of you at your annual ball, ‘My Beautiful Ball’, you looked so pretty! Do you enjoy having your make-up and hair done, and trying new fashions out?

My passion is fashion!   I love to shop online (though sometimes get a bit carried away!)   My favourite shops are Primark and Topshop.   I love experimenting with make-up, though hate having my hair done – it’s so thick it takes ages.

My site celebrates make-up as something to have fun with. What is your opinion of make-up, what are your favourite cosmetic products?

Make-up is brilliant, it’s a non-permanent way to express yourself and can also help with confidence.   I don’t stick to any one brand, and like to try out lots of different creams, gels and powders when they come out.

You get to go to functions and events, what has been your favourite outfit/look, recently?

I wore an Ariella Couture long black dress to our fundraising ball and loved it – it had a fishtail and I felt like a mermaid in it.   It was a special dress for a special evening.

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Photo Credit: Jonathon Hordle : Rex Features

Have you been star struck at any of these events and if so, who by?

It was quite scary meeting Simon Cowell for the first time!   Last week I met Jo Malone and am in awe of her, not just her business achievements, but she is also a cancer survivor.

Who is your style icon?

I like the way Fearne Cotton dresses, she’s funky and brave in what she wears.

 I believe in celebrating beauty in all it’s forms; art, literature, people, fashion, music etc. What beautiful things in life are you grateful for?  

I’m most grateful for my senses, being able to see, touch, hear, smell and taste, and grateful for the friends and family around me that make my world complete.

Describe yourself in three words.

Short, determined and happy.

What is next for you, do you have any more programmes or books in the pipeline?

I’m currently filming for two new series on Channel 4 – Undo Me, where I’ll be coming to the rescue of people of who have learned to bitterly regret their poor beauty decisions and joining Gok Wan on his new programme which will air in July about summer holiday makeovers.

Lastly, I ask everyone and I would be particularly interested to hear what you believe the word ‘beauty’ to mean?

Beauty is the whole package, don’t just rely on one strength or characteristic to make you beautiful.   Someone’s actions can make them stunningly beautiful and we all need to rely on different strengths to radiate beauty.

Wow, every word that you say just inspires me. Your strength is amazing and I am so grateful you have done all these positive things in your life, because you deserve it and have become a symbol of hope for the rest of us. 

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Start Your Day With Katie.

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Things Get Better.

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Thank you so much for being so kind as to answer my questions, and I wish you the best health and luck in the future.

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