Secrets Of A Beauty Addict Have Their First Cover Girl!

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Here at Secrets Of A Beauty Addict we have our first Cover Girl called Amy Wood. The Cover Girls will appear on the site and the social media pages of Secrets Of A Beauty Addict. They are backing Secrets Of A Beauty Addict’s campaign Real Beauty for Real Women!

On the site we discuss different elements about exactly what it is to be beautiful? We talk not only about beauty in the conventional sense, but about the beauty in nature, in literature and in art. We also consider what we believe the word beauty actually means. I personally believe beauty is a unique reaction between a person and a stimulus, such as music, art or nature. Nobody can tell another person what, or who, is by definition, beautiful. But as far as I see it many media outlets do try to influence our opinion on beauty; by airbrushing photographs in magazines, or by promoting the latest craze of fad diets, or endorsing this culture of quick-fix cosmetic surgery, with no consideration to the physical and mental implications this has on many of their readers.

In response to that, my site endorses people who are real, and who are beautiful both inside and out. I aim to highlight the beauty in unconventional places. To try to make people stop and think,  before going for cosmetic surgery, or starving themselves on an unhealthy diet! To remind them that beauty is found in each of us, and all around us. We don’t need to be air brushed, and we certainly don’t need to be a size zero to be beautiful. To my mind a beautiful person is someone who is happy, kind, confident in their own skin, and most of all healthy.

I will try my best to get us all there, using my interviews, articles and only using real women, without airbrushing for my cover girls. I know it may not be easy accepting  our wonky noses, or large bottoms, that have for so long, been held in such contempt, but in the end we will all be thankful for this life-changing revelation.

I will continue with my reviews on make-up and cosmetics; as I believe a healthy relationship with these products helps us to fulfil the confident element of being beautiful, and of course happy. I, for one, know that I feel much more confident with mascara and a bit of concealer, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Many consider a person who is interested in cosmetics to be some kind of air-head or something on similar lines to that, but I’m here to say it doesn’t mean that at all! Using cosmetics not only can make someone feel more confident, but it can give them a few precious moments of  ‘me-time’ every day to focus purely on themselves. In our busy lives it is incredibly rare, but absolutely crucial. that we are able to spend time on our own well-being. Plus, it adds a little glamour to life, what could be wrong with that?

I will say it is important to consider the reasons why you, yourself, use make-up. If you are trying to hide behind it then you may want to delve deeper into why you are doing that… make-up is there to enhance your natural beauty, and not to conceal it.

It is also important that we get our cosmetics from places that look after the environment, and don’t add any nasty chemicals to their products! Similarly, animal testing has been rife in the cosmetics industry, and although not as prevalent in the UK since the recent ban, overseas companies that ship to the UK may still be using such barbaric tests. We must be informed when buying our toiletries and cosmetics, and I am here to try do that for you .Of course, not everyone wants or needs cosmetics, and that’s ok too. Being comfortable in ones own (bare) skin is an absolute gift, cherish it!

So look out for the new cover girls, they will be popping up all over the site, I’d love to hear your feedback on the campaign! I have a lot of exciting things happening at Secrets Of A Beauty Addict! Not long now until the unveiling of the brand new look, and a huge competition!

So until then take care,

love beauty


Secrets Of A Beauty Addict promotes “Real beauty for real women!”

If you want to be a cover girl please get in contact!


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