Tonight, Why Not Watch The Perseids – A Shower Of Shooting Stars Across The Sky

perseids_bruenjes_big (600x400)

People across the UK are readying themselves for August’s annual light-show in the sky! Shooting stars , named the Perseids, will be darting through space, creating a vision of beauty. The¬†annual meteor shower has already begun but is set become clearer early Monday and then peaking later on Monday and early Tuesday.

This particular shower of ‘shooting stars’ has been observed for the past 2,000 years!

The advice from the Met Office for any stargazers is to ‘head away from the bright urban lights and find a spot in which your eyes can adapt to the dark – while wrapping up in a warm blanket’.

The Perseids can be best seen, in the countryside, or by the coast where there are darker night skies.

But for those living in the city, there are still spots to get a seat for the world’s natural firework show!


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