Azature Real DIAMOND Nail Varnish


Azature, the luxury jewellery couturier, has moved into the cosmetics sector with their uber cool nail varnishes. They have gone on to redefine the industry with their lavish products, that have taken the world by storm. In conjunction with their launch of the  267 Carat Black Diamond Nail Polish, which is the most expensive varnish in the world, Azature has created more affordable set of varnishes in an array of colours. The range is aimed at those who are unable to indulge in the more expensive version, which is a whopping £160,000. These nail polishes are just £17, which gives one a taste of luxury. without the massive price tag.


In comparison to other nail brands such as Essie or Nail’s Inc, £17 may seem quite a lot just for one bottle of varnish, however, all Azature polishes contain real diamonds, so in reality it’s well worth it! The colour I chose is called Champagne Diamond,  – it is divine, to say the very least. The sparkles shine so much more than cheaper ‘glitter’ versions, and it’s an added bit of luxury, perfect for special occasions!


Azature describe their Champagne Diamond nail polish as;

“Offering added sparkle at a fraction of the price, this champagne-coloured nail polish is is inspired by the sparkle of champagne diamonds. Subtle yet distinct, the gems are as celebratory as a glass of bubbly.”

Once I tried this nail varnish I knew I could never go back to any other cheaper alternatives in the future! When I want to add some extra sparkle to my fingernails, Azature will be catering for my glittery-nail-needs! Especially since the product itself is such high quality. It dries quickly after application, and is hard to chip, but surprisingly comes off easily with nail polish remover. I used Paul and Joe’s nail varnish remover and it came off very easily. I must say I was very sad to take the varnish off, so I immediately reapplied a fresh layer!

These Azature nail varnishes are also available in value gift boxes for those wanting to indulge in more than one colour;

Pink Diamond, Champagne Diamond and Black Diamond for £45


Red Diamond, Black Diamond and Blue Diamond for £45


Blue Diamond, Canary Diamond, Black Diamond, Champagne Diamond, Red Diamond, Pink Diamond and Green Diamond  for £95


I would give this luxurious product a big glittery 11 out of 10 lipsticks, but because I can’t do that, it will have to have the maximum 10 out of 10. If you want to add some sparkle and glamour to your life, Azature is for you! Click here to buy!



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