Coloursmash Hair Shadow £10.00


So you’ve applied your eye shadow and it’s looking good, but then you look to your hair, which isn’t looking good, and your confidence quickly fades. Your hair’s the same old shade as ever, and it’s dull and lifeless, you don’t want the risk of permanently changing colour and hating it, and you don’t want to use these cheap spray-in colours which are infamous for dodgy coverage and giving the hair a lovely texture of straw! You think ‘ I wish there was an ‘eye shadow’ for my hair!’ Well if that’s you, you’re in luck!

Sometimes we want to experiment with colour on our hair like we do on our eye lids, and be able to co-ordinate outfits with lipstick shade, eye shadow colour and hair colour for ultimate a-list styling. We want transformations on a daily basis in the style of Lady Gaga, Jessie J or Katy Perry.

Enter Coloursmash, a new ‘hair shadow’ that provides complete coverage, bold colour, and keeps hair ‘soft to touch’! I can honestly say that this wash-out colour looks the same quality as a permanent colour after application, and then washes out easily the next day! Amazing!

Application is easy, and the time it takes, is dependant on the length and thickness of the hair. I would recommend making sure someone else is in the house to make sure you have even coverage at the back; as it is a little tricky to apply to the back of the head. Another tip would be; to spray leave in conditioner immediately prior to Coloursmash, which adds extra shine and softness. After the whole head is covered  then spray an even layer of hairspray to seal in the colour. Even slightly too much hairspray makes the hair stiff and lack lustre, so a good quality hairspray is essential as they are less likely to have those effects.

Coloursmash describe their products as:

“Temporary highlights that add vibrancy and colour to the hair with no commitment. The formula is free of chemicals and safe for hair use. Simply apply Coloursmash temporary hair colour by rubbing application to the desired section of the hair and sealing it with hair spray. To remove, just wash it out.”

My favourite shade is Je Ne Sais Quoi which is a vibrant pink colour, which looks amazing with a matching vibrant pink lipstick! There are several other shades available including; red, black, brown, blonde, silver and golden!

Buy your’s here – from Selfridges

They get an awesome 10 out 10 lipsticks from me! Tres bien!


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