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I hadn’t heard about Josie Gibson for ages, I knew she had been the winner of Big Brother, and I, like the rest of the country, fell in love with her throughout her weeks in the BB house. She won the last season that the programme was aired on Chanel 4, but other than that, I just hadn’t read any of the magazines in which she appears. So unfortunately I wasn’t up-to-date on what has happened to her since. I can firmly say that I was pretty surprised and saddened when I found out!

I came across her picture today, from when she appeared on the ITV programme Lunch With Gino and Mel. She looked stunning, I mean she has always been pretty, and with her kind nature (that won her the Big Brother title with a whopping 77% of the vote) she has always had a goodness that seems to shine through her.

However, the massive difference now is undeniably her massive weight loss. At the ITV studios she looked svelte and ‘modelesque’ (if that’s a word?) Her tiny figure is obviously a more accepted image in her industry. Yet, I can’t help but think that it was her girl next door appeal that won her the show in the first place! We loved her for who she was! I just hope that the pressure of celebrity life, isn’t having an impact on her figure, and in turn, her health.


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I have since learnt of some unflattering swimwear pictures that were printed of Gibson. It is this kind of behaviour that makes me despair about our paparazzi culture. Anyone taken from those angles wouldn’t look great, even the skinniest of celebrities!

We are all human, spoiler alert: so are the celebrities! I don’t think the paparazzi understand this? Anyone can get cellulite from time-to-time, even toddlers! It seems to me that with every picture in the press, that has circled cellulite, it is suggesting to the reader that it is something shameful, and something to be embarrassed about. Repeat this in several magazines and in other media forms, and subliminally it changes our perception too. When we should all know that although it doesn’t look appealing, it is just natural, and the way some of us are made up. It’s not always that easy to accept though is it? Especially when there is the risk of photographers trying to catch a certain light or angle, to make it look ten times worse than it actually is.

These types of shots are cruel, degrading and immoral. In my opinion generations of young people are growing up obsessed with their appearance because of them. Teenagers are getting depressed because of being concious of acne problems and little girls are not eating because they think they are fat! Similarly, a very young relative of mine won’t wear shorts because she thinks that she has hairy legs! (They aren’t hairy by-the-way, they are perfectly normal)! When did this madness begin?

So part of me feels sad that Gibson is now looking so preened to perfection… but I can understand, whole heartedly, that if you are in the media limelight you want to look your best. If all the world are scrutinizing one’s appearance, just to identify any imperfections, no matter how slight, it’s likely that most people would make a considerable effort to look one’s best.

The problem I have is that, ‘one’s best’ seems to equal ‘ultra-skinny’, in celebrity culture, and it’s not setting a great example to young children. To me, to look  ‘one’s best’ is to appear healthy and happy. I fear that my theory has become an outdated opinion.

However, nobody can deny that Gibson looks great and I just hope that she feels great too! After catching up with what happened to her after Big Brother, I can see she has had a rough time of it. But she has turned her negative situations into positive ones, which one has to really admire her for!

Over the years she has created her own column in New magazine, her own clothing range, a fitness dvd, and has become the face of Pearlys Teeth Whitening, and like she is quoted as saying, she has a very bright future ahead, she;

‘wants more clothes ranges and I want to go on Dancing On Ice because they can lift me now. And I want to do some presenting. The world’s my bloody oyster!’

I’m in awe of Josie really, she’s had some tough times but she has dealt with them with real class. I have admired her ever since I found out that she donated a large amount of money that she won on Big Brother to charity. She’s clearly much more than just a celebrity! It says more about her on her website;

‘ On leaving the Big Brother house, she donated £20,000 from her prize money to the charity CLIC Sargent which helped build a special ward in Bristol for children with cancer. Josie lost her Aunty Marie to cancer at the age of 14, and she has continued to support the charity ever since. She has also worked with Meningitis UK, raising money through abseiling and charity walks.’

I wish Josie all the best in the future and would love to interview her one day about her amazing outlook on life!

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