Proud To Have Pride In This Country!

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London had it’s annual Pride celebrations over the weekend. The city was amassed with colour, fun and most importantly acceptance! Amongst the celebrations, parties and fun, some very serious issues had to be addressed.

In our country we celebrate our LGBT community, and show this through our Pride celebrations that happen in each city, throughout the year. London holds the largest parade in the UK. Pride London also organises several other events in the centre of London making the celebrations, also educational and informative, for the many people out there wanting information and support.  Throughout the weekend there are many performances running in the arts sector. This year there were also films, talks, parties, club based events, business led events and even sport clubs’ have run LGBT events!  All of which help to inform and celebrate people of all sexualities and gender specificities.

A participant waves a Union flag

Photo Credit: Luke MacGregor/Reuters

There is a very serious side to Pride of course,  where tribute is paid to those who are being; or have been, persecuted because of their sexual orientation. Many of those living now, in countries who have not yet accepted homosexuality. It seems such a juxtaposition that one country is having a party to celebrate the many shades of sexual and gender orientation, and yet there are other countries that segregate and discriminate, because of it.

Of course the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender movement has come such a long way since the first ever gay-rights demonstration that took place in Nollendorfplatz 1922 in Berlin. Massive leaps have been made! Four months ago MP’s in our country voted in favour of same-sex marriages, no more civil ceremony’s for us! Similarly, in California, on the 26th June 2013, gay weddings resumed at the city hall – the first such marriages in the state since the voter-approved ban in November 2008. This means that a total of 13 US states and the District of Columbia now recognise same-sex marriage!!

Yet things aren’t so good in other countries, for the LGBT community, such as Russia for example. According to the new proposed law in Russia, anyone who gives information on homosexuality to anyone who is under 18 will be punished with a fine of up to £10,000! Although this law may seem absurd to many in our country, unfortunately these kinds of homophobic state values, aren’t uncommon in many other parts of the world. Many gave their time at the London Pride to make others more aware of the Russian situation.

Peter Tatchell


Photo Credits: Julian Makey/ Rex Features

So in conclusion I think tonight how lucky and proud I am to have Pride in my country. David Cameron said that homosexual love ” is the same as anyone else’s love.” When put like that… it’s hard to see what some other countries are afraid of?