Hydrating Intense Night Cream by Bobbi Brown


Wow! If there was a cream version of the Rolls Royce car, this luxurious wonder-cream would be it!

I love applying this cream, it’s so smooth, thick and balmy. It’s amazing! I started using it around two weeks ago, and I haven’t looked back since!

The cream was developed by the clever little guys at Bobbi Brown. When they say it a hydrating ‘intense’ night cream, it really is! It is jam-packed full of seriously-intensive ingredients that nourish, and hydrate the skin. It’s better than any other night cream I have tried!

Bobbi Brown describe their cream as;

“A luxurious, concentrated night cream that boosts skin’s ability to recharge and rehydrate during its nightly repair process, plumping fine lines and improving tone and texture. Skin looks and feels stronger and healthier.”

I can definitely concur with their description, I have become addicted to this cream and will continue to use it past the trial period!

The wonder-ingredients that make it so special are;

•White Birch Extract which maintains elastin and promotes the natural repair of environmental damage.
•Shea Butter, Jojoba, Olive and Sweet Almond and Apricot Oils soften and comfort skin while you sleep.
•A Protein Activator helps promote natural collagen production.
•Rice Bran Extract and Apple Extract work to even skin tone.
•Green Tea and Vitamin E provide antioxidant protection.

Click here to buy this cream it’s £38 for 50ml, but I must say I personally think that it is more than worth it.

I give this cream 10 lipsticks of 10!


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