The Voice UK Final 2013

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Wow, what an awesome final of The Voice UK! Not only was the standard of singing off the scale, but my ‘style-o-meter’ was going off the charts, with all those fabulous dresses and outfits.

As I have already confessed, Jessie J is one of my absolute icons! She is just effortlessly cool! It was so great to see her in a dress! She upped her style stakes to fit the ‘special-ness’ of the occasion. Her dress was reminiscent of a flapper-style, 20’s look. It shimmered and sparkled under the studio lights, and made her shine nearly as much as her wonderful personality! You can see her dress in the picture below. Unfortunately this was when her act left the show, as he was the artist with least votes! It was very sad to see him go so early!


If you remember, Jessie shaved her hair off for Comic Relief earlier this year. Just look how amazing she looks, her hair is just awesome! She even dyed it pink for the occasion!!


Holly Willoughby in contrast really turned up the heat, with the most gorgeous lace dress, I have ever seen. She looked stunning (as she always does), but this dress seemed to represent her age, a lot better than a lot of her ‘This Morning’ outfits. She looked young, vibrant and sexy, especially with her very daring, plunging neckline! I loved that she has changed the style and colour of her hair recently, it really suits her! I hope she keeps it!


Leah McFall, the contestant in Will.I.AM’s team, and bookmakers’ favourite to win, looked the epitome of fabulous in the final! I just adore her kooky image!



It was great to see her first audition again, it was clear that her style hasn’t changed at all. Some of these types of shows, completely transform the image of the contestants, and make them look totally different.


I’m really glad that The Voice seems to nurture the contestants, which gives them confidence to be who they are. It was great that Leah didn’t come on in a ball-gown, just because it was the final, and that is what is ‘expected’! She came out in her trendy shorts and cropped top, accesorized with a cool pair of trainers, and she looked great!



Her hair is just awesome, there is no other word for it! She also has an A-MAZ-ING voice!I sincerely hope she goes on to storm the charts! Her performance with her mentor, the amazing Will.I.Am, was the BEST performance I have seen on any talent show EVER. It was original, fun and pure ‘musical heaven’! If anyone hasn’t seen that performance then click here to see it! Leah was my personal favourite to win, but something tells me this isn’t the last we will see of her!


Andrea Begley, the partially-sighted 27-year-old from Pomeroy, was the overall winner of the competition! She looked beautiful all evening, wearing two stunning dresses over the course of the show. She has a very feminine style, that we have become accustomed to, over the past few weeks.



She has such a pure voice! It’s the kind of voice that makes everyone in the room stop and listen, and no-one says a word until it has finished. It’s a very rare talent, she has! I can very much understand why Andrea won, and I’m so happy for her that she did!


To those who didn’t watch the show, as I mentioned, Andrea is partially blind, and it has been so heart-warming to see her progress through the show, and gain confidence each week. This progression culminated in her flawless final performance, which was a song called ‘Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan. It was sublime!


It’s yet another string to the UK’s bow, that people can see past disability, and focus on talent. Just like we did last year at the Para-Olympics. It makes someone like myself, a wheelchair user, very honoured to live in this country!



Danny O’Donaghue, Andrea’s mentor, commented at the end of the show;

“You’re an inspiration to me. I’ve learned more from you than you have from me.”

However, not everyone agreed with the final winner. Will.I.AM tweeted:

“You should feel the audiences vibration in the room tonigh after the publics vote…its #unexplainable…so sad…#perplexed”

The other contestant in the final three was, Mike Ward. Mike looked fairly dapper in his western-inspired shirt, I must say! Mike’s mentor was the legend Sir Tom Jones, no less!



But alas none could match the uber-cool Mr. Will-I-AM and his charleston-esque attire. He was firing on all cylinders in his performance of Bang-Bang, which I’m positive will become a hit on iTunes!



Lastly, a final highlight of the show was the mentors’ group performance, that saw Jessie, Danny, Tom and Will.I.Am singing together. Click here to watch the performance!



So if you want to watch a some more of  The Voice Final, click here, you won’t be disappointed!

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