Beautifully-Brilliant, Bobbi Brown Lip Balm!


This is THE BEST lip balm I have ever used. FACT!

This Bobbi Brown lip balm comes in a cool, silver tin with a retro design. The pink balm inside doesn’t have much of a scent, when you open the lid, which I’m thankful for! Some lip balms can have a synthetic aroma, when they are trying to emulate a fruity scent, which isn’t very appealing!

The balm is thick, and just one application is enough to cover the lips entirely. When applied it feels like a smooth shield on the lips, which after a few applications, eradicates any dryness on the lips. Leaving them soft and supple.

I have never come across such a wonderful lip balm that works so well! I apply it at night and it’s still there in morning protecting the lips and making them feel velvety soft!

I recommend this product whole heartedly! I know £15 seems a lot for a lip balm but it  has such fantastic staying power, so you need less than a cheaper brand and it really moisturises better than any other lip balm I’ve tried. It has an SPF of 15 so it protects the lips from the sun’s rays, as well as making them look, and feel, beautiful!

On the Bobbi Brown website they describe the lip balm as;

“Specially formulated with Wheat Germ and Olive Oil, this comfortable, non-greasy lip balm immediately goes to work comforting and protecting lips. Wear alone for natural look, with Lip Liner or Lip Gloss. Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 comes in a sleek and portable polished silver tin.”

I give this product a, 10 beautifully soft lipsticks, out of 10!


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