Paul & Joe Carousel Eye shadow £17


There is no way that this product is make-up! Surely it should be classed as a work of art! It would look right at home in an art gallery, as well as on my dressing table! I didn’t want to try the eye shadow out at first, just in case I ruined  the intricate design! If you haven’t seen this product before; basically, the magical fairies at Paul And Joe, have created an eye shadow palette in the style of a carousel horse, it’s beautiful, and totally unique!

I saw many pictures of the eye shadow before seeing it in reality, and I have to say it’s just as stunning, if not better in real life! One would think the standard of the eye shadow would not match the standard of the aesthetic, but remarkably it does!

I need one eye shadow to admire on my dressing table, and one to actually use for the intended function! The pigment looks so nice when applied to the eye lids. It has a slight shimmer which is lovely. Plus, it has great staying power!

There isn’t a lot of each colour, the product as a whole only weighs 5g, but the quality makes up for that. On the Paul and Joe website they say;

“Beguile with childhood innocence and tempt with grown-up sophistication’.

That statement perfectly sums up, Paul and Joe’s ‘Collection Sparkles’, to which these eye shadows belong. In this collection, there is a wonderful sense of fun, which is brought to the very adult practise, of applying make up. I love it! It reminds me of the way I viewed make-up in my younger years, and the feeling of ‘specialness’ and ‘wonder’ I would get when watching someone applying it. As a child I was so eager to try make up for myself! Admittedly, I felt the very same way, when I first saw a picture of the Carousel Eye Shadow – aged 25!

There are three varieties of this eye shadow; a brown based, a pink based and a green based, option. My favourite is the pink, which also has a dark colour in the palette too.


Pink – La Belle Epoque 84

Green – Montmartre 83

Brown – Calliope 82

So all in all I would give this awesome eye shadow a 9 lipsticks out of 10!


If you would like to buy this Carousel Eye shadow please click here! It’s £17 and free delivery!

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