How To Apply Make-Up For Photographs

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Getting make-up application right is absolutely crucial for photographs, nobody wants their foundation tide marks or clumps of concealer to be captured on camera. With the prevalence of new-fangled digital cameras, camera-phones and cameras on i-pads; one never knows when a picture is going to be taken. Plus with online social sites such as, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, where one can be ‘tagged’ in a photo; make-up for photographs has never been so crucial!

Lets start at the beginning, first thing to tackle is the pre-make-up skin care application. (PreMUSCA for short!) So cleanse, tone and moisturise before your photo shoot!

Moisturisation is key! 

*For normal skin a simple lightweight moisturiser is fine. Dry skin will need a more hydrating cream or balm and then oily skin needs a oil-free moisturiser that controls oil production.

*Then eye-cream round the eyes to ensure that area is hydrated. It also helps the staying power of concealer and eye-shadows!

*Then a simple primer can be applied if desired. If you are having a photo shoot done, I would definitely suggest using a primer as well.

Conceal and Correct blemishes and skin tone issues.

*One can use a cream foundation, liquid foundation, stick foundation or powder foundation.

*If you are planning on a lot of intricate eye-shadow then perhaps a eye-primer would be useful.


*The best way to choose a foundation is by applying several to the forehead and sides of the face, which ever foundation blends into the skin tone is the correct shade.

*The best way to get a complete-full coverage is to apply the foundation using a brush.

*For light or medium coverage then using ones fingers or a sponge is adequate.

*If a sheer coverage is desired a simple tinted moisturiser is fine, although on pictures the dewy look can seem too shiny!

*Foundation MUST match the skin tone in pictures otherwise it is very obvious!


*Use a skin-tone shade of powder rather than translucent powder, especially for pictures!

*Apply a loose powder to the entire face, you may want to use a smaller brush over the eye area to ensure no clumps of powder are formed.

*However, if the skin is dry just dust the oily areas such as the t-zone (forehead and nose)

*Don’t go overboard on the powder as it will draw attention to the fine hairs on the face in the photograph.


*Apply blush to the apple of the cheeks, this is easier to do if you smile. Use upward brush strokes at first and then blend it with downward strokes.

*A cream blush is a good idea for those with dry skin.

*For extra cheekbone definition dust shimmer powder along the bone or use a cream highlighter.

*Then if desired one can use bronzer on the places exposed to sunshine, cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. This will slim the face and give a general just-been-on-holiday glow!

Lip liner.

*Fill in the lips with a lip liner that matches the shade of the lipstick, but do not do the line around the edges/


*Using a lip brush apply the lipstick across the lips. This helps make the lipstick last longer and gets a more precise finish.

Lip liner.

*Don’t do one long line around the lips. Do small lines all the way round, this stops one getting that obvious, cheap ‘lip liner look’.

Smoky Eye Shadow.

*Sweep a very light colour in the corner of the eye, to open the whole socket up.

*Sweep a light colour from the lash line to the edge of the eye socket.

*Colour a slightly darker shade across the lid, just up to the crease.

*Add an even darker shade on the outer edge and along the crease. Then blend using a blending brush.

Eye liner.

*Line the upper lash line with an eye liner.

*Line the lower lash line right to the corner where the two lines meet.

*One can use either a pencil, gel or liquid eye liner depending on which look you want to achieve.


*There are loads of mascaras out there, when thinking of a mascara for photos a waterproof one is always helpful for obvious reasons.

*Use an eyelash curler for optimum curl!

*Roll the wand as you apply to avoid any clumps.

*Apply three layers of mascara, but this is just an average. Each mascara is different.


However, if you are going to be taking black and white photographs one must remember.

*Eye liner and lip liner must be precise.

*Blush needs to be perfect as it will look like shadow in the black and white photo.

*You don’t need as much foundation, one just needs to smooth out the skin and conceal any imperfections.

Happy Photo Taking!

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