Katherine Jenkins, What A Lady!

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After Simon Cowell’s comment on Britains Got Talent last Saturday about Katherine Jenkins, I have decided to make her my ‘Celeb Crush of the week’. Cowell stated that Jenkin’s career was, “taking a big dip at the moment,” after watching singer Aliki Chrysochou’s, admittedly brilliant, performance.

There was no need for the comment though, Jenkin’s is an accomplished artist in his industry, he should have some professionalism when talking about her. He has since gone on to apologize to Jenkins both privately via a text and also publicly via Twitter, to which Jenkins graciously accepted.

Sorry Katherine. X

Don’t be too hard on @SimonCowell …He did also send a proper apology by way of text #ApologyAccepted #FriendsReunited #BGT

BLetbyxCIAARtJXPhoto credit: Katherine Jenkins Twitter

There has been a report at the Daily Mail that stated that music executives at Warner’s, ‘“ditched” her because she’d lost them 2 million and had demanded £1,500 a day hair and make up sessions while touring or doing public appearances.’ To whit, Jenkin’s replied with this tweet:


Photo credit: Katherine Jenkins Twitter

So, there we go, all sorted!

Katherine Jenkins is pretty awesome! Not only does she have that amazing voice, but she is a lady as well. I wish the press would stop giving her a hard time! I have found Jenkins a style icon ever since I saw her in the show ‘Viva La Diva’.  Jenkins performed in this two-person show, with ballerina, Darcy Bussell. The show was an opportunity for the two of them to pay homage to their respective show-biz inspirations. They even swapped talents for a couple of numbers, where Bussell sang and Jenkins danced. It was thoroughly enjoyable!

Jenkins didn’t stop her dancing there though. She has famously gone on to take part in the states version of Strictly Come Dancing, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ when she came second place, behind NFL star Donald Driver.


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love beauty

So in tribute, to the welsh-born, mezzo-soprano’s style, here are a few of my favourite outfits:

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GQ Men Of The Year Awards - London 2012 Country Christmas

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