Interview With Artist Natalie Lines!


Illustrator, Natalie Lines, has worked for all kinds of magazines such as Company, V Magazine and InStyle Magazine . On her Behance profile it states, “Natalie Lines is a self-taught illustrator based in the Midlands. Her recent projects have been for Dorothy Perkins, House of fraser, Lissie and Lady Gaga.” She is just 22 and yet has already had an awesome career, and it is set to just get better and better. She regularly posts on her blogspot about her current projects and there are many, and I am lucky enough to ask her a few questions about it all… yay!

Beauty Addict: Hi Natalie! Thanks so much for letting me ask you a few questions! When did you begin drawing?

Natalie: I’ve always been drawing, my mum is very arty and always encouraged me to draw and I never ran out of messy equipment such as glitter pens, crayons and paints, I’ve always loved it.

Beauty Addict: Who or what inspired you to do art?

Natalie: It always seemed so natural for me, if I didn’t draw I don’t know what I’d be doing, it was always something that I was going into and never gave it a second thought.  Which is a bit odd now I think of it.

Beauty Addict: Where do you get your inspiration for each piece?

Natalie: I love fashion magazines, I’m really into scrap book styles at the moment, something with aspects of collage which is youthful and fun, I have a huge pile of art books and vogue magazines which I love, I tend to flick through them when I get bored.

Beauty Addict: How would you describe your style?

Natalie: Ooh! It changes so much, depending on what I’m inspired by and how I’m feeling, sometimes I want to create something really fluid and minimalistic so ill use watercolours, on other occasions ill want to make something in a certain style and take a while drawing the face and clothes. I think it’s hard to describe it as it changes so much,

Beauty Addict: Who are your artistic influences?

Natalie: David Downton is my number one influence, he draws with such ease, his work is so stunning!

Beauty Addict: If you could choose one piece that really reflects who you are, which would it be and why?

Natalie: I think some of my watercolour pieces, I like my artwork for a day then loathe it and create something new and the cycle continues, it sounds odd but depending on how I feel at the time, depends on what I like.

Beauty Addict: Which have been your most successful works of art?

Natalie: Angelus Mortis, it was my first collaboration piece which really got good feedback and gave me the confidence to pursue illustration, it was featured at Rankin’s “dig the new breed” exhibition, it was so surreal!

Beauty Addict: Wow! What did it feel like seeing your artwork in a magazine?

Natalie: It’s still strange, company magazine has been lovely enough to have me in around 14 issues, they really understand my style and have pushed me with different briefs, it all started with entering their illustrator competition, I didn’t win but I got a commission from it!

Beauty Addict: That’s great. You’re illustrations are so unique and distinctive, they work really well in Company magazine…You have drawn several celebrities in your portfolio, have you had a favourite celebrity to draw so far , and why?

Natalie: Diana Vickers, she has such a quirky style which really appeals to me, I’d love to work with her, she’s got a great fashion sense which I would love to enhance through my drawings.

Beauty Addict: She has an awesome sense of style, I have to agree! You also design cards, invitations and similar items. How different is it designing those rather than fashion pieces?

Natalie: It’s a breath of fresh air, it’s nice to draw flowers, something different, I’m a big interior design lover, which is shaping my new works, I’m now becoming more aware of my artwork and how it fits in people’s homes, which lead me to create cushions, it’s early stages but I love it, I’m hoping to make a bigger move into the textiles side of things once my new website is up and running!

Beauty Addict: So when you are doing your illustrations or textile design do you like to work in a specific environment, in the same place or listening to a certain soundtrack?

Natalie: I like working in my room, it’s peaceful, anywhere without distractions and a nice atmosphere, if I’m drawing hair or clothing, something which I can relax into ill listen to an audio book, (lord of the rings at the moment) ha!

Beauty Addict: Where do you want to be in five years?

Natalie: It would be a dream come true if my website took off, I’m catering for wedding stationery too, so I’d love that to be successful, my matchbooks are the most popular item I’m creating, so bespoke artwork and imagery is something that is my main priority. As I mentioned before I hope my cushions go well and I can make a move into the interior world! (Bit scary)

Beauty Addict: It’s clearly a very exciting time for you!  I have noticed that you have drawn several animal pictures, are you a fellow animal lover? 

Natalie: I absolutely adore animals, if you’ve seen the sausage dog picture I drew, it’s an old reference image of my grandmas dog which I then decided would look good in a snorkelling outfit. I don’t know why, but it went down so well, ha!

Beauty Addict: Ha ha I have seen that one, it’s so cute! Describe yourself in three words…

Natalie: Determined, strange, creative!

Beauty Addict: Apart from your art, what other creative outlets do you have? 

Natalie: It’s still a bit arty, but I love photography, and taking pictures of my products, photo-shopping them and preparing them for my website, also photos allow me to build up a big library of stock images I can draw from or even include in artwork,

Beauty Addict: What does the word beauty mean to you, from the perspective of an artist?

Natalie: That famous phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” couldn’t be more true, it’s so personal, and we all see things differently and love the things others might not.

 That’s so true! Thanks Natalie for agreeing to do this interview, I’m honoured to feature you on my site and cannot wait to work with you in the future! I would urge anyone with an interest in the arts or fashion to read Natalie’s Blog it’s unique, interesting and inspiring. I would also recommend looking at her portfolio of work, it truly is something to behold!


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