Ofcom Confirms Complaints Over Lopez BGT Performance

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If you have been watching the current series of Britain’s Got Talent, you will have seen Jennifer Lopez’s controversial performance on Tuesday 28th May. Ofcom have confirmed that they have received over 100 complaints in the 24 hours after the first airing of the show. On the programme the 43-year-old singer revealed her new single “Live It Up”.

Ironically, she revealed a lot more than just her single, during her performance. Jenny From The Block, as fans know her, wore a tight black leather leotard with furry arms, thigh-high-lace-up boots and fishnet tights. It was a rather odd combination, from the waist up she looked ready for a trek in Antarctica, unfortunately though, her lower regions seemed to have compensated for all the material on her top half, and she just had a small slice of fabric that attempted to cover her modesty!

J-LO’s performance basically consisted of her gyrating on the stage while singing, it  was not at all ‘family-friendly’, as the show is billed! It would have looked more appropriate on an X Rated Channel! What made matters worse was that her dance routine did not take into account her rather risqué costume, and during a slide on her knees, an unfortunate camera angle captured much more than anyone wanted to see!



Photo Credit: ITV

There has been a huge media uproar and rightly so, in my opinion. But, to be fair, I don’t think that the issue raised a significant amount of complaints, considering that BGT gets millions of viewers! Could this ‘controversy’ be a tool employed by expert Simon Cowell, to get this season of BGT back into the papers? Nothing attracts viewers like a good old scandal, and I think he understands that better than anyone. I feel like the whole situation has been manipulated, and I think it has really cheapened what was, a good family show!

Children from an extremely young age, watch Britain’s Got Talent, and I personally feel that the producers, have a responsibility to ensure the content of the programme is suitable for their younger viewers.



Photo Credit: ITV

I certainly wouldn’t want my nieces watching Lopez gyrating like she did, and thinking that is acceptable, and even applauded, behaviour? Front-rooms up and down the country contain several generations of one family, all coming together to watch pre-watershed ‘Saturday Night’ television. They shouldn’t be subjected to such overtly sexual, and quite frankly, embarrassing viewing. I wonder how Lopez’s family feel about the performance, her children, her Grandmother?



Photo Credit: ITV

I firmly believe that if our society continues in this manner, we will result in a generation of ‘Big-Fat-Gypsy-Wedding-Children‘ who will be seen imitating Lopez and her peers, by provocatively dancing, in skimpy clothing, thinking that is normal behaviour!

Can I ask… why didn’t someone at Britain’s Got Talent suggest something a little more conservative, that perhaps would cover her bottom at least? I know I sound prudish, but, is it really unacceptable to want a woman’s genitals covered on a family show?

However, saying that, I am a firm advocate that people can wear whatever they want, but only if they are in an appropriate setting. If the government started to censor what people wore, and someone told Jennifer Lopez she couldn’t wear that outfit to a nightclub, for example, I would fight for her right to do so. I firmly believe people have a right to wear what they want. However, by putting Lopez on a big stage, such as BGT, wearing such attire, is sending the wrong message to the younger fans.

The fact is, her outfit increased numbers of viewers, and brought publicity to the series. Could that be the reason they did not interfere, and prevent her from wearing it? 

All in all, this performance is a product of our very warped society, and the fact that some people didn’t see anything wrong with it worries me more than anything, because that means we are becoming accustomed to seeing provocative images as the norm, but if we don’t make a stand now, where will this madness end?

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