Orico London Superico Vitamin Rich Facial Oil £28


I had never considered using an oil on the face before! For some reason I had associated the word ‘oil’ (in products for the face), as ‘bad’, as if it would immediately make me have dripping wet, oily-skin, and I would forever be using blotting papers.

Clearly that was an irrational thought. But the more I consider the topic, the more I realise, there isn’t that much information out there, about facial oils and their purpose. So I imagine many people would be just as dubious about using a facial oil for the first time, as I was. But I am SO glad I tried it, and I think you will be too.

A facial oil hydrates the skin in ways that moisturisers just can’t !

Orico state on their website that their Superico Vitamin Rich Facial Oil is a;

“Super rich skin hero. Dry and thirsty skin is instantly moisturised and nourished with new organic Superico Vitamin Rich Face Oil. The all-natural plant oils, Tamanu, Rosehip and Jojoba nourish whilst ultra fine molecules absorb deeper and faster than other skin foods. A beautiful way to start and end the day.”

After reading that amazing description I was eager to try it for myself, and when I finally did, I was far from disappointed.  It is a sheer delight to apply this oil to the skin! It glides on with such ease, and absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving soft, hydrated skin behind. Perfect!

I can see how this oil is used for anti-ageing purposes, not only does it freshen the complexion, it feels like it plumpens the cells on my face, when it is applied. I imagine that the oil is ‘feeding my cells’! Areas of  fine-lines become more hydrated and the lines become less visible. As it says on the Orico website, this oil helps to ‘restore skin’s natural moisture balance’.

The oil is incredibly light! I was shocked! I had imagined it would feel like you are applying a  horrible, thick, slick of oil to the face. In reality, it is the complete opposite. You only need just a little of this light oil, and when massaged into the skin, it can provide the most wonderful effects!

Orico suggest that we apply morning and evening, by lightly massaging the oil over face and neck.  However, the oil can be breathed in for a calming effect. You can achieve this if the oil is placed on a tissue and breathed in, or in a bowl of steaming hot water, and you cover your head with a towel as you lean over the bowl. Superico, has aromatherapy properties, because it contains the essential Lavender, Patchouli, Geranium and Bergamot oils, which are said to ‘soothe and uplift the mind‘.

Obviously this oil is great for dry, sallow skin, but it can be used for all skin types!

I am not the only person impressed by this product, it has been featured in Vanity Fair as ‘One of the Beauty Editor’s latest beauty obsessions’ in November 2012. In Vogue, in their ‘Weekly Well-being  section December 2012, they suggested that the reader pamper themselves with this, ‘healing face oil, that I guarantee won’t clog your pores’. Lastly, Superico Vitamin Rich Facial Oil appeared in Red Magazine in their ‘Spring Must-Buy’ article!


banner20_VanityFair_Orico_Nov_12  banner24_Vogue_Beauty_Orico_Supericobanner85_Red_Mag_Superico_Face_Oil

As I have been researching this product I have been incredibly impressed with Orico as a cosmetics company. The company is a member of PETA, the animal rights charity. The brand only use recyclable packaging, and do not provide outer packaging with their products, to reduce waste, and to be ‘friendlier to the Earth’. They are a part of The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Business Network, who fight for the elimination of harmful chemicals from the cosmetics industry. Therefore, they obviously do not use controversial chemicals such as, parabens etc. Orico is of course Cruelty Free International approved and also Eco Certified.

I give this fantastic product a whopping 10 out of 10 lipsticks!


Buy your 30ml bottle of Orico London Superico Vitamin Rich Facial Oil for £28 here! There is free shipping on all orders in the UK over £40!

Hope you enjoy it, just as much as I did!

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