Cheryl And Eva, 'Sisters From Another Mister?'


Cheryl Cole certainly did the UK proud, representing British women, at the Cannes Film Festival. She looked seriously, stunning! She arrived at Cannes late last Friday, and made her first appearance at a function, on Saturday evening.

The event Cole attended in Cannes, was run by L’Oreal, whom Cole is famously, an ambassador for, in the UK. At the event, other ‘Because I’m Worth It’, stars were in attendance. They included Eva Longoria, Doutzen Kroes, Megan Gale  and Jane Fonda.

Cole posted a picture on Twitter, it was of herself talking to journalists, with the comment:

Talking about L’Oreal all day.. and they call this a job?? I’m a lucky girl!!’


Photo Credit: Cheryl Cole Twitter


She certainly is a ‘lucky girl’! Cole wore a beautiful, fitted, maroon dress, by Zuhair Murhad. It had a lace ‘damask-type’ pattern, which sporadically covered parts of Cole’s toned body. Strategic placing of the covered sections, enhanced Cole’s amazing enviable figure, whilst also catching the attention of all the paparazzi! The unusual, racy, gown had a striking, sweetheart neckline, that was cut out of the dress, which along with a few sparkly sequins, gave the overall look a more feminine touch. Somehow, she still looked classy, even with the very revealing see-through sections! Cole certainly knows how to ‘wow’ at these types of occasions.


Photo Credit: Lia Toby :


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Her make-up was ‘Classic Cole‘! She seems to go for striking eyes, using her Eyelure Girls Aloud fake lashes in ‘Cheryl’. Then a bronzed complexion, and nude lips. It’s always a winning combination, for her. She also looks to have made use of her free Elnette hairspray, which she endorses for L’Oreal. Her highly coiffured hair must have needed a LOT to keep that unusual style in place!  Then end result was worth it though;  her hair looked amazing, and complimented the outfit perfectly.

Later Longoria posted a picture on her Twitter account during the event. It was of herself and Cole, with this comment:

“Me and my twin sister @cherylcole at Cannes.”



Photo Credit: Eva Longoria Twitter

Now she has mentioned it, the two stars do have a striking resemblance. One would not think there was a nine year age gap, Cole being 29 and Longoria being 38!

Here we see them both wearing the same dress, and the similarity is uncanny.



Photo Credit: Wire Image

Cole was quick to return the compliment, reposting her tweet and saying:

 ‘It was like looking at a prettier reflection, ha!’

The two stars then went on to walk down the red carpet at the premiere  of the L’Oreal-backed film, Jimmy P  (Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian). The film told the story of a Native American soldier and the psychoanalyst treating him. Watch the trailer for the film here.

Wouldn’t it be great to see more of Longoria and Cole together? Perhaps this new friendship will bring some more opportunities for the girls to work together? They could be the new girl duo group?! How amazing would that be??

If you want to follow the ‘twins‘ on Twitter their accounts are @CherylCole and @EvaLongoria