Paul & Joe Protective Fluid Foundation £27


This foundation is so good! It’s lightweight, nourishing and long lasting – perfect! It comes in a glass, pump-action bottle, which is identical to the Pearl Primer that I reviewed a few days ago. The luxurious bottle holds 30ml of the ‘Protective Fluid Foundation’, but the pump action ensures that you only take a small amount each time. To be honest, you don’t need a great deal to provide a even complexion. I use three pumps of the foundation, for a light coverage. Obviously, a higher coverage, will need more.

This product has quite a runny viscosity, as one might expect from a fluid foundation, but when applied it absorbs into the skin and provides a thin cover across the face. This layer will blur freckles and minor imperfections but not dark spots, additional layers would be needed to provide better coverage.

I would definitely recommend using the Pearl Primer before using this product, as it is much easier to apply the foundation to primed skin. The primer also aids in creating a flawless complexion.


Many foundations cause dry skin and it can become flaky, but not with this foundation, oh no! This Paul & Joe creation is luxuriously-lavish, and moisturises the skin as it works! The skin feels so soft and smooth after application! I view this foundation as a gift to me, from me! It’s a real treat to my skin! It’s £27, so there are obviously cheaper alternatives, but in my opinion it’s well worth the extra money.

An additional thing to consider is that the fluid contains an SPF of 25, which in my opinion, is essential in any foundation you buy.

Buy this foundation if you like having a dewy complexion and a medium coverage, that lasts all day. If you need a thicker, more complete coverage, I would suggest the light cream foundation, or cream matte foundation, by Paul & Joe.

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I give this foundation a fabulous 10 lipsticks out of 10.