Lush's Emotional Brilliance Range. Finally Products Created To Suit The Individual As A Whole! I'm In Love!


So what is the Emotional Brilliance range? It is a 100% vegan colour range of cosmetics containing lip colours, eyeliners and eyeshadows. It’s a completely new concept; one has to click on a wheel containing 30 colours on the Lush website, which spins when clicked. Once it stops you must pick three colours that appeal to you. The premise of this is for you to choose the colours that you are are drawn to naturally, not because they are your favourite colours, or colours that are this season’s trend.



Photo Credit: Secrets Of A Beauty Addict

Each of the thirty shades has a word associated with it. Strategic Behavioural Therapist, Lady Kennedy has worked with the Lush Co-Founder and Inventor of the Emotional Brilliance range, Rowena Bird, to decide which words go with which colours. Their choices make sense; they are natural associations we already make. For example, the light blue is ‘Calm’ and the bright red is ‘Strong’. These are colour associations we already have on a subconscious level, which makes our choices very interesting.

Lush suggests that the colours you choose represent a psychological need. The first colour that ‘pops’ out at you is thought to represent your strength or weakness. Your second colour is thought to identify a subconscious need and the third colour that you pick symbolizes a talent that you possess.

My first choice was ‘Glamorous’, I would like to think that is something I possess.  I love glamour, so when I knew that the first colour I had picked was ‘Glamorous’ I was very happy.


Photo Credit: Mya Hughes

My second choice was ‘Dynamic’, a colour that I wouldn’t ever pick for a make-up shade, but I was drawn to on the wheel. I am definitely not ‘Dynamic’ but I need to be! I’m led by my emotions and constantly tell myself I need to be more dynamic!


Photo Credit: Mya Hughes

Lastly I chose ‘Passionate’, a word that would I most certainly use to describe myself. I was once asked to describe myself using only one word: ‘passionate’ was my answer. This is when I realised that there may be something to this colour association.


Photo Credit: Mya Hughes

So my three products arrived, my two lip colours, ‘Glamorous’ and ‘Passionate’, and my eyeliner ‘Dynamic’. They come in little glass bottles which are completely recyclable. The only part of the packaging that can’t be recycled is the brush, but you could always use it again for other make-up application purposes. I have waited a good number of weeks since first trialling these products because I wanted to give a fair and honest review about how I used them over a long period of time.

Firstly the lip colours are AMAZING. I have never known a colour to hold its pigment for so long! The lipcolour uses Lush’s iconic product, Ultrabalm, as a base. So it moisturises, as well as colours the lips. The colours are very bright and prior to this experiment, I would never have felt confident enough to try such a bold palette. However, when I used the ‘Passionate’ lipcolour I received the most amount of compliments I have had in a long time! I then went for the ‘Glamorous’ shade and found that it brightened my appearance.  Yet again I received comments about looking fresh-faced and well. Occasionally I mix the two colours together to create an amalgamation of Glamour and Passionate, for my own individual colour.

The Dynamic eyeliner worried me; I would never have gone for this colour before. However , when I used it for the first time, I fell in love and have practically worn it every day since. Its a liquid eyeliner that creates a fine line of vivid colour. The change from constantly wearing black eyeliner was refreshing and because it was lighter in colour it seemed to make my eyes seem larger and more open.

Whether there is something to this colour therapy, or whether it is just the power of suggestion, I don’t know. I definitely feel that when I want to feel more ‘Glamorous’ I reach out for the ‘Glamorous’ lipcolour and so on. I definitely want to try the eyeshadows out to see if they are as good as the rest of the range, but something tells me I won’t be disappointed!

What I like about the premise of this range is that it created for the customer as a whole. The product delivers 100% in its conventional use, but also bolsters one’s inner confidence with the unique word associations. The words have been cleverly chosen, as they are sought-after characteristics or feelings. The full list of possible words are:

Ambition, Believe, Bubbly, Calm, Charm, Confident, Control, Descisive, Drive, Dynamic, Fantasy, Feeling Secure, Focus, Glamorous, Happiness, Healthy, In Charge, Independent, Intuitive, Lifted, Motivation, Passionate, Perspective, Power, Quitely Motivated, Sophisticated, Strong, Success, Vibrance, Wise.

I certainly like the idea of having an ‘Emotional Brilliance Make-Up Apothecary’ consisting of all thirty words, then deciding each day which word I wish to live up to, and using the corresponding colour!

Within the Emotional Brilliance range there is also an Emotional Brilliance Face Powder, which is £12. It is obviously 100% vegan like the rest of the range!

They are also selling a vegan mascara aptly named ‘Eye’s Right’ and a range of vegan skin tints in either Feeling Younger a light cream that can be used as a highlighter or concealer, or even mixed in with foundation to ‘brighten up’ the face. The alternative shade is called Charisma which creates a warm bronze glow. All three products are £12 each.

Why don’t you take the Emotional Brilliance test?

Lush Emotional Brilliance Test

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The products are £14.50 each.

I give the products I tested a very awesome 10 lipsticks out of 10!