Dr Rose's Apothecary, Joint and Muscle Rub – £4

Joint and Muscle Rub

I love this product! It’s an old fashioned balm, but proves that sometimes the old remedies, are the best! The soothing and aromatic rub comes in a small 20g tin, and my only problem with it, is that I only wish it were bigger!

Dr Rose says:

“This is an old-fashioned rubbing ointment traditionally used for everyday, aching joints and muscles… You can tell by the aroma that it’s doing some good!”

I have been using it for sore joints, and on areas of muscle spasm, and it definitely helps. The balm sinks into the skin immediately and doesn’t leave a sticky residue, like some. Once applied it has a warming effect on the skin that reaches deep into the muscle. It isn’t as abrasive as other muscle balms on the market such as Deep Heat, for example. Instead, Dr Rose’s Joint and Muscle Rub, soothes aches and aims to achieve total relaxation, with it’s aroma of lavender, rosemary, wintergreen, thyme and valerian  Valerian is also known for its mood enhancing qualities and calming effect, so this balm really is for both body and mind. You can also have peace of mind that this balm contains no petrochemicals whatsoever.

I particularly like to use this balm after a hot bath to continue the heat therapy on areas giving me discomfort. Alternatively, the small, retro tin enables it to be easily stored in a handbag, to use when out and about. I’m going to need a lot of tins, at the rate I’m going through it, but at the price of £4, it’s definitely worth it!

Buy your Dr Rose’s Joint and Muscle Rub from Dr Rose’s Apothecary, Rose & Co.

8 lipsticks out of 10