The Importance Of Care and Maintenance, Of Your Make-Up Brushes


We all know that it’s not a good idea to leave blusher, foundation and eye shadow brushes , for months and months without cleaning them. It’s pretty obvious that dirt, make-up residue , dead skin cells, bacteria and goodness knows what else will be lurking on their fibres and building up each time they are used. But sometimes we forget, especially with blusher brushes and eye shadow brushes, where the appearance of such nasties is less evident.

But we must be stringent with our maintenance of these tools especially if they are an expensive set of brushes. A professional set of make-up brushes are a real investment, and if cared for properly should last several years. They also provide a much better finish when used to apply make-up, compared to cheaper alternatives.


Here are some of my current favourite professional make-up brushes sets:

1.My favourite is this kitch set by MAC called, Mac Archie’s Girls Brush Kit : £39.50


2.This is a new limited edition set by Bobbi Brown,Bobbi Brown Luxe Brush Set: £82


3.For a bigger collection try Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection: £142


4.Nars have a cute travel set of brushes in a nice case, Nars: £55


5.I love the Real Techniques:Starter Set:£21.99 and Real Techniques Core Collection: £21.99 

10137219 real_techniques_core_collection

6.Dior DiorShow Backstage Make Up Brush Set: £75.50


I am also loving Neal’s Yard Remedies brush collection. They are cheaper than the premium brushes above, but still very effective . They are made of animal-free synthetic hair and use environmentally-friendly bamboo for the handles. The brushes start at £8.

Care Of Brushes.

Firstly, brushes need to be stored properly, the most effective way is usually in a brush roll, that has specific compartments for each brush. If brushes are not stored correctly, they can easily become damaged or pick up bacteria from wherever it has been. I also like Paul and Joe’s brush holder £14.50, it is both efficient and beautiful. It is reminiscent of old vintage glamour and would look gorgeous on my make-up table.









Secondly, clean the handle of the brush each time after use, with a baby wipe, making sure no excess make-up residue has been left. If left bacteria could breed, and the next time you use the brush and then go to touch your face, to blend in concealer for example, you will be transferring the bacteria and could cause a breakout of spots.

Lastly, brushes need a thorough cleaning every month or two, if not more.

Here’s a quick guide on how to clean your brushes:

1.Take a drop of brush cleanser or a drop of gentle soap .

2.Wet the brush

3.Dip and swirl the brush tip in the cleanser or soap until all fibres are covered.

4.Rinse the tip being careful that the force of the water is not pulling the fibres out.

5.Squeeze the brush tip with a towel, (carefully), then place on a counter with the tip over the edge so that once dry it maintains it’s specific shape.

Here are a few of my favourite brush cleansers:

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser £10.50

Estée LauderMakeup Brush Cleaner £11.00

MAC Brush Cleanser £9.50

However, I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo sometimes to clean my brushes, as it is gentle and it works nearly as well as the more expensive, specific brush cleansers!


You could also use a spray brush cleaner such as Clinique’s Brush Cleanser £12.50, or Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaner Spray £15.00.  If you purchase one, just spritz onto the tip of the brush and use a tissue to remove excess until all residue of the cleaner has gone. This gives an instant clean in the interim period between main brush cleanses.

Hope this has been of some use to you, happy brush cleaning! xx

Photo credit, Own, MAC, Dior, Bobbi Brown, Paul and Joe, Real Techniques, Asos, Nars, Johnsons and Johnsons.