Alesha Dixon Radiates On New Season Of Britian's Got Talent!


Alesha Dixon former Mis-Teeq band member, to solo artist, to Strictly Come Dancing Champion, to dancing judge, to model and finally to Britian’s Got Talent judge, and breath! I don’t know about Britain having talent but Alesha Dixon certainly does!


Dixon graced our screens again tonight for the first episode of series 7 of the very entertaining show Britain’s Got Talent. Now there is usually some drama built up around who are going to be on the judging panel, but thankfully this year that was not the case, and the judging panel remained the same as last years, which was an awesome panel, it’s got to be said! In an interview Dixon promised:

This year’s been bigger and better than last, if that’s even possible.”


So this evening we saw Dixon take back her seat next to David Walliams and Amanda Holden. Then next to Holden is of course Mr Cowell himself. Prior to the show Dixon tweeted:

Excited for BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT tonight! 7pm! Hope you all enjoy 🙂 xxx”

And that we did! Both Dixon and Holden looked stunning throughout the programme and they sported an array of amazing outfit choices. What I like most about Dixon’s style is that she always manages to get her hair and make-up to match perfectly to each look. My personal favourite, from tonight’s show, was when she wore her bright yellow jacket and striped top. She then completed the look with her bouffant hair style and massive pendant. The look was so original, fresh and fun!



I also liked her Aqua April Bodice and matching trousers combo she wore with her gorgeous curly bob hair style. But ever the high street girl, Dixon teamed her out fit with a H&M blazer!


But Dixon always manages to look gorgeous, no matter what she is wearing or what hair style she is trying out. It isn’t hard to see why Avon cosmetics company chose her to model for them.



Dixon is also Avon’s Beauty and Empowerment Ambassador, where she acts as spokeswoman for Avon’s make-up category and its domestic violence cause. When Dixon joined them she commented:

 “I’m so incredibly proud to partner with Avon, a company that empowers women and brings beauty to their lives. Being the face of Avon make-up means I’ve discovered so many amazing beauty treats that I can’t wait to share. But more importantly Avon has a real heart and a true passion for helping to improve the lives of women, so I hope to make a difference through generating awareness for a cause that is so close to me.

Avon also released a statement saying:

We are honoured to welcome Alesha as our Beauty and Empowerment Ambassador and believe she will give a strong voice to our commitment to empowering women. Alesha possesses an undeniable beauty and confidence that women admire – we know she will resonate so well with Avon’s Representatives and customers.
Dixon has her own Avon page where she shares beauty tips and speaks out against domestic violence. Click here to watch a video about why she wears Avon’s ‘Empowerment Necklace’,  the proceeds of which go to domestic violence charities. Click here to buy one for only £3.50! Below is Alesha wearing the lovely necklace.You can follow progress of Avon’s campaign on their website and through their twitter: @Avon_UK with the hashtag #AleshaAvon .

In this current society we desperately need good role models for our younger generations. Thank goodness we have Dixon who is the perfect role model for young people, as she really tries to use her fame for good causes. Speaking in August 2010 to ‘ Blues and Soul’ Dixon said: “Being in the entertainment industry I do feel I have a responsibility that comes with my fame”. Previous to that in 2009 Dixon gained sponsors along with other celebrities including Cheryl Cole, Kimberly Walsh and Denise Van Outen, to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for Comic Relief, which she successfully did. Together they raised, over £3,500,000.

Other than that, Dixon is also a  patron of the African-Caribbean Leukemia Trust which is a voluntary charity, whose main aim is to increase the number of Black and Mixed Parentage people on the UK Bone Marrow Register. They really need peoples donations, so to make a donation or even just to get more information about it, please click here. Follow them @ACLTcharity on twitter for further information too.

Dixon also cares for the animals in this world as well as the people, as she is the Vice President for an awesome charity called ‘League Against Cruel sports’.  On it’s website they state:

“The League is a charity that brings together people who want to stop cruelty to animals in the name of sport. We successfully use lawful investigations, campaigning and lobbying to make a difference in the UK and around the world. We  expose the barbaric nature of cruel sports and the people involved, identifying what action should be taken. We raise awareness and campaign for change by lobbying government, politicians and businesses. This includes campaigning for new laws and helping to enforce existing laws by working with the police to bring to justice those who commit illegal acts of cruelty for sport.We help people whose lives are being detrimentally affected by cruel sports and we run sanctuaries in heavily hunted areas to frustrate the perpetrators of cruelty and help protect animals.”

On the site Dixon states:

“I am passionately against any cruelty towards animals. I support the League when it asks ‘Is this sport or is it cruelty?’

Click here to see how to get involved! I did! Follow them on twitter: @LeagueACS


However, it’s not only those three organisations that are receiving Dixon’s backing, Nickelodeon’s ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign, a UK anti-bullying initiative, is something Dixon is right behind too! Dixon said:

“Nickelodeon’s See Something, Say Something campaign is extremely close to my heart, so I felt compelled to show my support. I was bullied as a child and know how important it is to tell someone about it”.

Dixon has made no secret about her childhood and her bravery makes us love her even more!

Some interesting news recently came on the BBC website, it is said that Dixon is currently recording another album, which will be her fourth solo album to date, following her previous albums, ‘Fired Up’, ‘The Alesha Show’ and ‘The Entertainer’. It says on the site:

Alesha Dixon says she is working on a solo album. The singer also said because of that and other commitments, new music from Mis-Teeq would not be made anytime soon.”

I personally can’t wait to hear some new material from the ‘Breathe Slow’ artist. Follow her on twitter to get the latest Dixon news @AleshaOfficial

Dear women, animal lovers, parents, children, in fact everyone, we should all be thankful to Dixon for her many endeavors to try to make this world a better place! May the original glamour girl, with a big heart, have continued success in her role on BGT, in her charity campaigns, and in the rest of her career.


Photo Credits: Avon, Cosmopolitan magazine, ITV, BBC