Interview With Owner Of 'Vanity Health & Beauty', Beauty Therapist, Serena Scarborough


Today I am interviewing Serena Scarborough, owner of Vanity Health and Beauty. Here she shares her professional hints and tips that she has gained over her extensive amount of training and experience working in the beauty industry.

Beauty Addict: Hi Serena thanks for taking the time to answer some quick questions.So how long have you been in the beauty trade?

Serena: I have had Vanity for five years since the 1st April, but have been doing beauty therapy for eight years in total.

Beauty Addict: Gosh, you must have learnt a lot in that time! What is the most important secret to good skin?

Serena: There isn’t one product that will do it all, you do need  a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser at least. Then you can start using products such as eye creams, exfoliators or masks. Payot have introduced  My Payot a new range which is cheaper which is aimed at new users or younger customers, which is a great starting point for any good skincare routine.

Beauty Addict: What is the most common treatment clients come to you for?

Serena: Nails are important to people, they see it more as maintenance than a treatment though, like waxing for example. They usually want either acrylic or Shellac. People are coming less, for things like facials, which is surprising as they are so necessary to having healthy skin!


Beauty Addict: That’s such a shame, I’ve had one of your facials they feel amazing!  I love your ‘Microdermabrasion Facial’. What benefits are they missing out from facials?

Serena: In an ideal world, you should have a facial at least once a month, combined with a good, skin care regime at home. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells and make your complexion balanced and brighter. Especially with the weather being as it is, many peoples skin becomes dry in the cold and looks dull and sallow.

Beauty Addict: So is there a product that you could suggest that would help people who can’t afford regular facials?

Serena:  I would recommend the face mask from the Payot Radiance Range that I offer, I have found to be beneficial which rectifies the effects of seasonal changes and smoking on the skin. They would definitely find it helpful.

Beauty Addict: What is your favourite product at the moment?

Serena: I love Hydratation 24 Protection Lèvres Lip Balm SPF 10. Finally, a lip balm that does not cost the earth, that actually works! Hydratation 24 Protection Lèvres, is a lip balm that hydrates, soothes and protects even the most sensitive lips! This balm contains tropical plants that are resistant to extreme, cold conditions, which dehydrate the skin. The ingredients include, African Shea Butter, Australian Macadamia Oil and Jojoba Oil from Central America. It’s a luscious, non-runny and non-sticky formula, it coats lips in a cocoon of softness and great all year round. Costing just £12.95 for 15ml.


Beauty Addict: Sounds really good! Chapped lips are a big problem with all this cold weather, you’re right! So how about your skin care regime, what do you use and how expensive is it? Your skin is LOVELY!

Serena: Good quality, effective, skincare products can be very expensive I’m afraid. I use Payot and it is certainly not the cheapest on the market but I believe, you really do get what you pay for. In my opinion, if a product is really cheap, I’m not sure how effective are you really expecting it to be? By using a good reputable brand you can expect high quality ingredients, extensive research and testing. It also gives peace of mind that you know that it will do the job. Prices average around £12 to £35 for most products, but can go up to £147 for AOX wrinkle creams. I think this is very reasonable price wise, considering Payot is a high end skincare range. I am pleased to report, I have not had any customers who have not been 100% happy after trying the Payot range! It has taken me a while to find a good skincare range that i am happy to offer my clients and think that I will continue to use Payot for a very long time.


Beauty Addict: Yes, that sounds very sensible.  Here’s a question I’m dying to ask you, what is the one product you would take on a desert island with you? 

Serena: I would have to say mascara, long, thick lashes are a must for any girl! I would feel naked without any eye make-up!

Beauty Addict: What are the benefits of holistic treatments and are they worth the money in this economic climate?

Serena: Absolutely! Holistic treatments offer a natural age old approach that works physically and psychologically. In my opinion, If we all received weekly aromatherapy massages we would all feel less aches and pains, reduce our stress levels and have a wonderful feeling of well being and probably have less trips to the doctors. I believe that with the use of aromatherapy oils and hands on massage can makes person feel amazing. One treatment I offer is the  ‘Back and Neck Tension Massage’ that lasts 45mins and is only £23.

Beauty Addict: That’s really good value! What aromatherapy oils would you use to relax someone?

Serena: Lavender, geranium, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, clary sage, tangerine are all great oils to use. Some are even sedative, uplifting and balancing.

Beauty Addict: Which is your favourite holistic treatment to do?

Serena: I love carrying out the treatments such as facials and massages, these treatments are indulging , relaxing and clients just love them! I always receive good feedback afterwards, so I find it really rewarding that I have made someone feel good!

Beauty Addict: Well yes, I can confirm that! After my first massage with you, I knew I was going to be a regular client! Have you seen the big fashion trend for thicker eyebrows at the moment?  How do we (non professional folk) achieve that look? 

Serena: Try and go to a professional if you can, people have different shape faces and what colour and size suits one person may not suit another.Good strong eyebrows frame your face but doing them too dark or too thick can make them the main focus of your face which can look a little odd, your eyes or lips should be the areas that make a statement. If you are lucky enough to have good brows to start with, tinting and waxing would be the best option to keep them strong and tidy. However, if you have sparse brows running some eyebrow powder through them can also do the trick as this is less harsh than using a pencil. HD brows are also great as long as you chose a trained therapist that does not over do it and make them too dark or too thick as it can look unnatural.

Beauty Addict: Yes, it’s a fine line between having gorgeous brows, or looking like you have caterpillars over your eyes! I have been there- I went a little crazy with the eyebrow pencil once , it wasn’t good!  Talking of parties, if someone has a party to go to, but can only afford one treatment from you, what would you suggest?

Serena: If client does not feel confident doing there own make-up I would suggest a make-over. If they like doing their own make-up ‘Party lashes’ are always a good way to feel like the ‘belle of the ball’ , and stand out from the crowd. They cost £25 and only take 15 – 20 mins for application, and last really well in comparison to shop-bought strip, false lashes.

Beauty Addict: So, in contrast to the tight budget, what is the most indulgent package you offer and what benefit does it have?

Serena: I have a package entitled, ‘The Works!’ and it is exactly that! It consists of a Payot prescription facial, full body massage and deluxe manicure and pedicure. It is a top to toe pamper package which works on your mind, body and soul. Not only does it relax you, but it  leaves you looking and feeling fabulous!

Beauty Addict: Sounds, A-MA-ZING! I enjoy body wraps from you, can you explain to the readers what kind of effect they have?

Serena: Body wraps are a good kick start to any diet or detox program. However, you have to be realistic and have them in conjunction with regular exercise and healthy eating. The wraps are especially good at lifting and sculpting areas which can be difficult tone such as the breast. Regular body wraps can help you achieve smooth skin, reduce the signs of cellulite and help rid the body of toxins.

Beauty Addict: Who is your ‘Style Icon’?

Serena: Oooh, that is a tough one, I have always loved Audrey Hepburn! That is probably why in today’s fashion industry, I really like Victoria Beckham’s elegant, sophisticated, style. As far as beauty is concerned, I think Kate Middleton and Natalie Portman are both effortlessly, stunning ladies.

Beauty Addict: Good answers! I completely agree! As a last question before you have to rush off, I ask this question to everyone, and get a different answer every time. So I’d love to hear your opinion! What does the word beauty mean to you?

Serena: Beauty is that inner glow, that inner confidence and good feeling that shows on your face. Flawless skin from regular facials, well applied good quality make-up and fabulous hair and nails all make us feel fantastic which shows in our smile. But we all know that make-up can only do so much, so a healthy lifestyle and a good nights sleep is vitally important!

Beauty Addict: Some interesting and thoughtful answer there, thanks Serena! Lots of useful information for us all!

Serena has also given us all an extra little treat!

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