Nicole Scherzinger Stunned On Andrew Lloyd Webber's 40 Musical Years

nicole and andrew

Nicole Scherzinger is known for many things, her time with The Pussycat Dolls, her solo career,  judging jobs on the US X Factor and the UK X Factor, or even because of her relationship with Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton. During last year’s UK X Factor, Scherzinger was liked because of her outrageous comments, great mentoring and her famous unique adjectives to describe the act’s performances. For example, ‘Shamazing’ , which was her most used phrase, that took the country by storm! With her flirtatiousness , fiery attitude, and sense of fun, she was a great choice of judge! She would even get up and dance if she was enjoying an act’s performance! The nation fell in love with her!

We all knew she could sing, her Pussycat songs such as ‘Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me?’, or solo songs like, ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’, already confirmed to her audience that she was a good singer. Her music videos that accompanied the songs usually showed her in revealing or overtly sexual outfits, as she would dance and sing. She is a very good dancer, and in the main she did street dance or hip-hop in her music videos. Although, it was quite provocative stylistically, like so many other female pop videos are . Personally, I find it cheapens their performance and makes their beauty less authentic.



However, at the X Factor final when she sang with both Jahmene and James Arthur, she blew audiences away with her amazing performances. Louis Walsh comically, commented, ‘I didn’t know you could sing Nicole!’ (Where has he been for the past five years?). Her style has developed too, she still has a sexy look but it is less overt. It is fun and elegant and in stark contrast to  over-the-top outfits from the past.

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But it’s not just a pop voice that she owns, the place where Scherzinger’s voice really comes alive is musical theater. The first musical theater song I heard her sing was Phantom of the Opera, for The Royal Variety Show 2011. She was amazing and it was a completely, unexpected performance. Somehow the link between her and Lloyd Webber seemed implausible. She, a vivacious, innuendo making, international pop-star, and he, a serious musical genius… the connection was odd to say the least. But by gosh did they create something special! Her style reflected her personal growth. Her perfect , white gown, transformed her into a stunning angel, which was so apt, because singing that song , she sounded like an angel too.


Fast forward to 2013, and she was billed to be appearing on his special ’40 Musical Years’  television programme, hosted by Michael Ball. I presumed that she would be making a repeat performance of Phantom, but a bigger treat was in store. Out Scherzinger came in a  fishtail, strapless gown. It was fitted all the way to her knees, and then it flared out into masses of opulent fabric. She wore  enormous diamond earrings that dazzled as they hung from her ears. Her hair was pulled into a side bun which allowed focus to be pulled to the earrings. Her flash of red lipstick combined with the rest of her look to gave a latin vibe to her overall look . Then the orchestra began to play the iconic introduction to ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’, Scherzinger was for that moment the embodiment of Ava Perron, and absolutely stunned with her lyrical performance. After her performance it was commented that she ‘Needs to have a career on Broadway!’, too right, is all I say to that!



Llyod Webber, had a marvelous time watching his protegees, singing his catalogue of hits. We learnt that there hasn’t been a single week since Jesus Christ Superstar opened without at least one Lloyd Webber show in London, and at one point he had five playing simultaneously. What a career! To watch the programme click here.