Lauren Conrad Accidentally Dyed Her Hair Pink… I LOVE IT!


Lauren Conrad is currently in India where they are celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi. The festival is a celebration of colour, and to some it is known simply as, ‘The Festival of Colours’!  It is an opportunity to say ‘farewell’ to winter and to celebrate the start of the spring season. It occurs on the full moon day in the month of Phalguna. Originally people would use this special time of ‘new life’, to hope for fertile lands and good harvests for the rest of the year. It also has a religious significance too, of course. Click here for more information.

It has been suggested that Holi is one of the most exhilarating, religious holidays in exsistance. This is because it is like a wild party, it has bonfires and people dancing in the streets. They also celebrating the array of colour that spring brings after the cold winter season, by throwing coloured powder, paint and water at one another in complete abandon. Here is Conrad below during the celebrations:



Karl Pilkington once went to India and unexpectedly arrived at the time of Holi. He was completely baffled by the festival, as he had never heard of it, and there isn’t an equivalent festival celebrated in the UK. His experience of being covered in coloured powder for the show,  ‘An Idiot Abroad’, was rather comical! It gave good exposure of the festival of Holi to many, including myself who had never heard it.




Unfortunately, Conrad  accidentally dyed her beautiful,  honey blonde locks,  pink, in the process of the celebrations! She posted on Twitter: ‘So apparently it doesn’t wash out‘, and added ‘Looks like I’m sporting pink locks for the rest of the trip.‘  Accompanied by some pictures of her new hair, which in my opinion looks absolutely awesome!

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In fact, it has inspired me to consider a pink hue for my hair! LOreal Paris Feria Colour 3D  has three new amazing pastel conditioning toners out, that I am dying to try. Either in lilac, pink or peach. £5.49. I will report back with my verdict, wish me luck!

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