Sheer Cheek Gel, by Pixi £10.00


I love this product! Ever since I started wearing make up, I’ve always worn powder blusher. I’ve always been so happy with powder blush, that I never looked at cream or gel blushers. However, I was sent this sample and it has changed the way I view blusher completely! I think I was in a blusher rut, until this miracle gel came along. Ok, so I’m bigging it up a bit too much there, but seriously, it’s awesome and much better than my original powder blush (and cheaper too)!

Reluctantly, I tried the gel. I put a tiny dot onto the back of my hand and then using my finger transferred the gel onto the apples of my cheeks, and rubbed it in with small, soft, circle motions. You could add more for a deeper look, but I was happy with just one small dab of the gel. The change of colour was instant and it looked good! It gave a natural flush rather than an obvious blusher look on my cheeks. I had expected to get lines where I hadn’t rubbed the gel in but that doesn’t happen. The blusher gel moisturises the skin rather than sitting on top of it ,and drying it out (if it’s not mineral powder blush). All in all, I’m 100% converted to this product! Now I can play about with colours of blush and the amount that I put on, to create lots of different looks! Exciting!

Available in : Natural, SunKissed , Rosy and Flushed


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8 lipsticks out of 10