NHS..Beauty Addict Style!


Hello there dear readers,

I’m afraid an unexpected spell in hospital has caused a few slow days of beauty secrets coming your way, but I have written some articles while in my hospital bed that will be online very soon!  Most importantly of which, my article about the cosmetics you need  in a hospital bag. I had a big dilemma on my hands on Monday which slowed my admission down considerably (yes I’m the one who was under a gizzilion bags at a certain West Yorkshire hospital last week, sorry if I bumped into you, I never have been a light packer I’m afraid!) I know non of us want to be in hospital but after this experience I will always have a handy travel bag of mini cosmetics ready but I’m hoping next time I’ll be whisked off to Paris rather than A&E!

Until the next article,

A-Very-Tired-But-Happy-To-Be-Home-Beauty-Addict xx