Eliza Doolittle


She burst into our lives in 2010 with her unique dress sense and kooky pop songs, the most famous being ‘Pack Up’. Now she is back and posing for an advertisement for Appletiser, in a beautiful Adam and Eve inspired shoot by the infamous photographer, Rankin.  In these photographs, we see Eliza looking absolutely gorgeous, with flawless skin and beautiful big curls tumbling down over her shoulders, concealing her naked top half; Ivy leaves combine to create a dramatic ‘Garden of Eden’ skirt. Interestingly, she almost resembles a mermaid.

I like the concept of the shoot very much. She holds up the bottle of Appletiser, suggesting she has plucked it from the tree.  The snake is wrapped around the tree, as a symbol of the temptation offered by the serpent to Eve in the Garden of Eden. This theme ties in with their advertising campaign ‘forbidden fruit’.  In ‘New’ Magazine, Eliza commented “my work with Appletizer is about me being who I am and projecting that to other women as well”.

Eliza has been writing her new album in her time out of the spotlight.  She admits that she finds the process of writing music therapeutic and her recent relationship turmoil has been the inspiration for her quirky lyrics.

She has been quoted as saying “It is important to be confident in who you are.” I love her for that and I am very confident that her new album will be just as awesome as the last one!