The Body Shop & Leona Lewis (Their New Brand Activist) Are Trying To Stop Global Animal Testing For Cosmetics! Yes!!


Thank goodness something is being done! The Body Shop, renowned for their eco friendly stance are being joined by reowned animal lover Leona Lewis who we covered in one of our Celeb Crushes a while ago. She has launched her own cruelty free limited edition make-up and fragrance collection with The Body Shop to kick start promoting their campaign. They have also joined the awesome company that is Cruelty Free International to go global with this very important mission. To sign the Cruelty Free International’s Global Pledge that Leona is supporting please follow this link, the process doesn’t take long.

I am so excited to say that the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics comes into effect on March 11th, which to say is fantastic is a massive understatement, but it is so important that the rest of the world follows in our lead. Lewis and The Body Shop are going to make sure that it happens. Chief Executive of Cruelty Free International commented:

We are delighted to receive the support of The Body Shop and Leona Lewis, their new brand activist, for our global mission to end cosmetics testing on animals. The EU ban is an historic event and the culmination of over 20 years of campaigning. We shall now apply our expertise and determination on a global stage to ensure that the rest of the world follows this lead.”

On and after the 11th March, no cosmetic products that are on sale in the EU can be tested on animals anywhere in the world. But it is so important that countries such as China who are still very pro animal testing, are influenced by our actions and will see the error of their ways.

I have a big admiration for Cruelty Free International, they are physically doing something about the autrocities that these poor animals have had to endure and I just wish that there was more I could do myself. Their worthy mission is to end animal testing for cosmetics, worldwide. They work tirelessly trying to introduce the ban, by talking to governments, regulators of companies and partner organizations around the world. Their end goal is to make sure there is a global ban on testing of animals for cosmetic products and ingredients.

If you wish to get involved even further, for example sign petitions online or donate some money towards the cause or even find out how to ask your favourite brand to go cruelty free. It can take just 5 minutes and you will be making a massive difference.

If you are worried whether your product you have bought is cruelty free, Cruelty Free International has written this:

‘While some products carry labels claiming that their brand is ‘not tested on animals’ or is ‘against animal testing’, these are often confusing and do not guarantee that the product is actually free from animal testing. Only the Leaping Bunny can provide peace of mind.’