Let's make Mother's Day – Molton's Day!


As Mother’s day approaches (10th March in case it has slipped your mind), the task of finding that perfect present begins again. Every year I can guarantee that my Mum’s answer to ‘What would you like this year?’ will be ‘Oh don’t be spending your money on me!’ She exasperatingly gives me no clue of what she wants, but I know that inside she would be slightly disappointed that there was nothing there next to her traditional bunch of daffodils. Loads of Mums never ask for a gift for Mother’s day, they are so modest and stoic, I personally think that they are  hardwired in their psyche to be hard to buy for. This is why it is nice to get them something a bit more luxurious from a well loved and trusted brand (but still affordable) to say a wholehearted, thank you! I think there is only one brand for the job, enter Molton Brown!

Oh Molton Brown, with your sophisticated packaging, iconic silver top and intensely fragrant contents – how I love you! Most recently, I have been sampling the two bubble baths, ‘Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Bath & Shower’ and ‘Heavenly Gingerlily Moisture Bath & Shower’. They stand proudly in my bathroom, radiating beauty, luxury and Britishness! Well after all, Molton Brown did win the award for Best British Brand at the 2012 CEW Awards. The bright pink and orange colours of my bubble baths are a wonderful modern twist to such a traditional, classic brand. This modern aesthetic update certainly attracts a newer breed of customer to join the die hard fans who are firm advocates of Molton Brown because of it’s top notch quality. I have had many visitors commenting on these new Molton Brown products in the bathroom and asking me what they are like…

The glossy liquid in the bottles runs out of the top like honey and mixes with the hot running water immediately. It is good value because only a few small drops are needed to provide a sufficient amount of bubbles. The bubbles are dense and form a perfect layer covering the entire stretch of the bath and they last much longer than other brands. Once the water and bubble bath combine the refined scent contained in the bottle begins to fill the room and lasts for well after the water has drained away. When entering the bath, the water feels soft and moisturizes your body while you simply lay back and enjoy the qualities of whichever scent you have chosen.

It is important to look into the scent that you have selected as quite obviously different fragrances create different effects on the bather. If you are buying for your Mother I would suggest a nice relaxing bath, Molton’s ‘Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath & Shower’ (£18), is my favourite choice as I have found it immensely soothing. There are also many other Mother’s Day gift ideas on the Molton Brown website. My favourite Mother’s Day gift being, ‘Women’s Jetsetter Stowaway’ (£46) which contains:

1 x Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Bath & Shower 100ml
1 x Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Body Lotion 100ml
1 x Inspiring Wild-Indigo Bath & Shower 100ml
1 x Indian Cress Purifying Shampoo 100ml
1 x Indian Cress Purifying Conditioner 100ml
1 x Nurture Desert Bloom Intensive Hand Cream 15ml
1 x Peach Washbag

But I understand that unfortunately not everyone has a Mum, but many people will have a matriarchal figure in their lives. In my opinion these wonderful women need even more thanking because it isn’t just biological duty that is making them take on that role .I think that this celebration of ‘Mother’s Day’ is all about treating and recognizing the love, effort and sacrifice that Mother’s and Unofficial Mother’s make for us and showing them that we love them so very much for it.

Look out for more great gift ideas at  http://www.moltonbrown.co.uk

If you spend over £45 you get a free shower gel worth £18, just remember to use the promotional code YOURTREAT. You will also get a FREE sample with your order and FREE gift box if you want one. Additionally if you spend £49 you will also get FREE Delivery. Delivery otherwise is from £4.95.