The Beautiful Emeli Sande and her two Brit Awards!

emeli 2

How well spoken was Emeli Sande on Wednesday night at the Brit Awards? She carried herself on a cloud of honesty and truth, admitting to feeling lonely in front of millions of people. She has such an endearing quality, that translates as warmth and beauty radiating from her very being. Perhaps this is why her songs have had such success, they have truth in every lyric, chord and melody. There is nothing manufactured, airbrushed, censored or contrived about Emeli Sande, her music, her look or the person that she is. In fact it is very hard to pull those three parts of Sande apart as her her music, her look and her soul are one and the same. This is why for me she is one of the most beautiful women in today’s world.

There is a real feminity to Sande, her look may not be what we consider as the paradym of feminity with her short and bleached hairstyle. But she speaks, acts and lives as a real woman. The words in her speech and songs come from the heart and in those words we women can find solace in knowing that someone else has felt this way before. I think it is incredibly important that we have real women in the media and Sande who just wanted her music to be heard is a perfect candidate. It’s unfortunate that in today’s climate that fame is such a sought after entity. With fame comes responsibility to act in a manner that does not influence the vulnerable masses into a negative state of being. Images of emaciated women, scream sadness and loss to me, because I know better but to a young impressionable mind it is the ultimate goal to being accepted, it’s what society is telling them how   a woman should appear.

It’s funny really to think that people are allowed to have such great influence with absolutely no talent or reason to put them there. However Sande quite rightly gained two Brit Awards last night, the Best Female Artist Gong and also the Best Album Gong, then after scooping up all of her awards she closed the show in spectacular fashion and as ever I was covered in goosebumps at the sheer perfection that travels from her mouth to my ears. She really identifies with the human condition and then relates it back to us as if using our own words.

Her outfit choice last night was classic Sande and I loved it, dress with light bomber jacket combo – awesome. Her light make up highlighting her beautiful eyes and tip top complexion worked well too. Lastly, those plucked to perfection eyebrows are my inspiration – I want her eyebrows! She’d look a bit strange without them so I guess she can keep them but seriously whoever is responsible for Emeli Sande’s eyebrows needs giving an award also!


The contraversial Damien Hirst designed the Brit this year and although I’m not a fan of all of his works, I must say I loved it. I’ve always liked of his infamous spot paintings though, however, they have always seemed to have a darker meaning than just ‘polka dots,’ for example one of his spot paintings is simply named ‘LSD’. One of Hirst’s ‘rules’ when doing a spot painting is that no two spots touch, and no colour is repeated on the same work of art, although some are very near to being the same hue. My favourite spot painting was called Iopanoic Acid, 2011 which was a representation of Ronnie O’Sulivan’s fastest 147 break (5 minutes and 20 seconds). The spots show the starting and intermediate positions of the snooker balls in the infamous game in 1997. The spots replicate the size of snooker balls, the darker ones referencing the balls starting positions. But like I say, I’m hugely against some of Hirst’s other work, my biggest objections are to the ‘works of art’ using animals or insects.