Lola Rose Energising Rock Crystal Hand Cream £12.00


A nice, light, zesty handcream. Softens the hands straight after application, as it quicky absorbs and leaves a refreshing scent, which lasts for an impressive length of time. It’s not sticky like some hand creams and you don’t need a great deal at once. It contains peach kernel oil, vitamin e and shea butter for their moisturising properties and it feels like a treat for the hands. The ‘Rock Crystal’ extract is used for it’s rejuventating properties, it claims on the website. The packaging also makes this cream , that bit more luxiourious, with it’s elegant aesthetic.

In my personal opinion, it’s not an everyday hand cream. This is the kind of hand cream I would put on my dressing table and use as a treat before a night out or for special occasion . One particular benefit that distinguishes this hand cream from others, is the effect of the scent after application. It smells clean and it’s invigorating and prepares you for whatever you’re doing .

£12 is a lot to spend on a hand cream when you can buy a perfectly good hand cream in a supermarket for less than a pound. Plus this 100ml tube would fill some of my handbags its so big. But like I say it’s definitely worth buying for those special occasions, to give yourself ultra soft hands.

Other advantages of using this cream is the knowing that it is paraben, sulphate, and petro-chemical free!

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I give this product 7 out of 10 lipsticks.