Introducing The Miracle Brush for Children and Adults. Tangle Teezer – £10.99


My 5 year old niece didn’t like having her hair brushed. Day after day in reception last year, she would be  playing with sand, playdough, glue, paints and, goodness knows what else, most of which inevitably ended up in her beautiful long hair. It made it very hard to brush! The poor little thing hated having her hair brushed because it would hurt her too much. She calls the knots in her hair ‘lugs’, and when I offered to have a go at getting her lugs out she was really nervous, but my promises of being as gentle as possible seemed to work.

Enter my beautiful pink Tangle Teezer!  I had received it as part of a deal in boots a long time ago. My heart was beating like mad, I hated the thought that I might hurt her, (she is adorable by the way). Anyway, I tentatively began to brush and to my suprise the brush didn’t seem to get stuck like I had expected it to. Ten minutes later after no squeels, yelps or cries, her hair was done. It was soft, shiny and straight and she even confessed to enjoy the feel of the brush on her head. So now I am passing this valuable information on to you dear reader , it may make your mornings a whole lot easier . Just as a side note, we sometimes use the John Frieda spray that was  also reviewed on here. The brush and miracle spray together is an absolutely winning combination and gets the job done in doubly quick time and a standard worthy of going to a swanky party.

You can buy it off for £10.99 or for £10.20 including delivery


10 Lipsticks out of 10!