MÓA The Green Balm 50ml £9.99


Fabulous product! It’s an organic tea tree based balm which can be used for many purposes and all over the body. I use it for dry skin, itchy skin, use it after shaving my legs, a body moisturizer, for eczema, a facial cleansing balm, I use on split ends and rinse out, can be used on cold sores, bites and grazes to name just a few uses. There is always a pot of The Green Balm in my bag! It has a nice texture and soaks in well. It has a nice subtle smell of tea tree which isn’t as overpowering as the tea tree oil on it’s own. It usually costs about £4.99 for the 15ml handbag size or £9.99 for the 50ml larger pot. This company is firmly against animal testing, so another reason to buy this multipurpose wonder-balm! Here’s the website to get more information http://www.thegreenbalm.com/ and you can also buy it off www.feelunique.com

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10 lipsticks out of 10.



10 lipsticks out of 10.