Steam Cream – £12.95

steam cream 2

Steam Cream has been an ‘it’ product for quite a while now.  Their various designs of eco-friendly tins have made Steam Cream become a cult product.  But it’s what’s inside the tin that really impresses me!

The cream is so light to use, it smells amazing and hydrates my skin immediately.  It contains orange flower water, lavender essential oil, cocoa butter, oatmeal infusion and rose absolute.  Steam is then used to fuse these natural ingredients together and it’s this process that gives the cream it’s ‘lightness’.

Another reason why I love this cream is that it is sensitive enough to be used all over the body and face.  It certainly makes my luggage a lot lighter!  Steam Cream uses the minimum amount of preservatives so that the skin’s natural balance of flora can be protected.  Low preservative levels allow the Steam Cream to biodegrade easily.

On their website shop if you buy two tins of Steam Cream you get a free lucky dip tin FREE! Remember to enter the promotional code LUCKYDIP at the checkout. Worldwide delivery is also FREE!

Although you can get Steam Cream cheaper from , you have to become a member first, just using an email address (it’s free). You can then buy the Steam Cream for £6.50. The site has lots of bargain boxes and luxury samples I’d definitely suggest looking at.

On their website they explain their ethical policies. Naturally, I was very impressed and thought I would include it in my review.

Ethics Page on The Steam Cream Website;

  • We use materials that are produced sustainably.
  • All our high quality raw materials are vegan and STEAMCREAM is approved by the Vegan Society.
  • We use the minimum amount of preservatives so that the skin’s natural balance of flora can be protected. Low preservative levels also help STEAMCREAM to biodegrade easily.
  • Our packaging can be recycled, but we hope that everyone will want to keep it and reuse it.
  • We constantly look for ways to reduce our energy use, in manufacture, transport and sales.
  • Where we produce STEAMCREAM in the UK, we compost all organic waste, recycle all plastic and burn all wood in our biomass boiler.
  • We give our business to suppliers who respect our environment, and the animals and people living in it.
  • We have a strict no-animal testing policy.
  • We will not buy from any company that tests or funds tests on animals at all, even if their tests do not involve the ingredients we use. This way, we hope to encourage suppliers to look for alternative methods.

As we grow, we want to use our buying power to drive positive change.

We believe that even a small change makes a difference, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of the people, plants and animals that make up our environment.