Interview With Burlesque Performer Liberty Sweet


Beauty addict: Hi Liberty Sweet, thanks so much for doing this interview! First of all can you give our readers a little bit of information about yourself and what you do?

Liberty: I am a co-founder and performer of the UK burlesque troupe The Folly Mixtures. I also perform as a soloist and previous to The Folly Mixtures I was a dancer in The Hurly Burly Show for Miss Polly Rae. As for what exactly it is that I do- come and see for yourselves! The Follys are on tour around the UK for the whole of 2013 in the show ‘An Evening of Burlesque’– look on our website and see if we’re coming to your town!


Beauty Addict: So who inspired you to go into burlesque?

Liberty: The lovely Dita Von Teese. I came across her early images when I was really into gothic culture as a young woman and fell in love with the glamour. Essentially, I figured it would be a great way to turn my favourite childhood game of ‘dressing up box’ into a career.

Beauty Addict: What has been your favourite make up look you have used in your career so far?

Liberty: By far the most fun we had with makeup was on a photo shoot for our website. Each of The Folly Mixtures wears a different colour in the group numbers in our shows (we’re like a burlesque cross between JLS and The Spice Girls) so we decided we wanted to play with strong make up colours. Someone gave us a huge selection of glitter and we just spent 2 hours playing with it!

Beauty Addict: Glitter, amazing! Have you any particular products that use to get ready for a show that you could recommend?

Liberty: Products I love include: MUA Primer £3.50, MAC Matchmaster Foundation £25.00, Rimmel pressed powder £3.99, Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner £5.29 , Rimmel soft kohl eyeliners in black and white £2.99 and Kirsten Lapping’s glitter stackers have a great red glitter £0.85 – £1.85 to put on over red lip gloss- it’s really fine and doesn’t feel like you have sand on your lips!

Beauty Addict: Any secret tips on the application of make up?

Liberty: Watch how other girls do it! I’ve spent 7 ½ years watching other performers’ make up techniques and don’t intend to stop now! Getting an amazing base helps hugely. Watch youtube tutorials on contouring (Kim Kardashian’s make up artist is incredible at this!) and always apply a layer of lip liner to your whole lip before lipstick. Stays on much longer!

Beauty Addict: How about after a show, what cosmetics do you use to keep your skin in tip top condition?

Liberty: Moisturiser!! Usually we have to shower straight after shows as the last number often involves us pouring something messy over ourselves- glitter, champagne, milk, name it, I’ve probably doused myself in it! So my skin always needs a thick layer of moisturiser. I also use Ultra balm from Lush £8.25 which is my little lifesaver when removing 5 pairs of tassels a night! It’s like ripping a plaster off the same patch of sensitive skin 5 times a night!

Beauty Addict: Ouch!! Beauty is pain, so they say! What is your favourite look when not on stage?

Liberty: I am a big collector of dresses. Since my job 4 days a week is a dance teacher, I have to live in leggings so the second I get a chance to wear dress I’m there! I really enjoy dressing up to go out and try to create something a little bit different every time. I call it the Victoria Beckham challenge- never to wear exactly the same thing twice.

Beauty Addict: Do you have a specific beauty regime to help you to keep looking good?

Liberty: Always cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin when taking your makeup off. It’ll thank you for it in 20 years! Try to drink as much as possible (I hate water on its own so try to drink lots of squash instead!) and sleep as much as humanly possible!

Beauty Addict: Sounds like a good plan! Burlesque seems to be all about celebrating beautiful women. What in your opinion makes a woman beautiful?

Liberty: Confidence, passion, kindness with a dollop of fierceness!

Beauty Addict: I like that answer a lot! Thanks again for stopping by to chat with us. You know when your career is going well when GQ Italia magazine describes you as, ‘sparkling and sexy’. I wish you continued success in the future and hope to see you live. If anyone would like to get more information about Liberty Sweet or the Folly Mixtures their websites, email, facebook and twitter are below. / /

Facebook: LibertySweet/ TheFollyMixtures

Twitter: @Liberty_Sweet / @FollyMixtures

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