Darcey Bussell


Darcey Bussell has been my style icon since a very early age. Watching her dance inspired me so much, she had her own style, finesse and grace that simply couldn’t be replicated by any other ballerina. I was mesmerized by her pirouttes and endless fouettes. There are simply hundreds of photographs of her time at the Royal Ballet to choose from, it was a hard task to undertake! I’ve picked a couple that I absolutely love, one is on stage and one is off stage, at a rehearsal. I really think it portrays the natural beauty she has without make up, but also the perfection she creates whenever on stage.

She has become even more of a house-hold name since she started her role as a judge on the BBC’s dance show, Strictly Come Dancing. Each week she dazzles in some beautiful gown or other and her flawless complexion. Judges love her for her technical eye and the contestants love her because she always gives constructive criticism, to help improve each week.

In December 2012, Darcey became the ‘face’ of The Sanctuary’s new skincare range called. Active Reverse.  On The Sanctuary’s website it quotes, ‘The New Active Reverse skincare range uses active ingredients proven to stimulate the production of up to 6 major building blocks within your skin. This range is for women seeking visible wrinkle reduction and skin lifting effects.’ So obviously I’m definitely going to try it, because if Darcey has endorsed it, it must be good.

The point at which I knew that Darcey was not only a dance icon of mine but also a style icon, was when she did a tour with Katherine Jenkins with a show called, Viva La Diva. In it, they pay hommage to their icons from both of their fields. The show oozes style and glamour from the moment they arrive on stage to the very final curtain call. As soon as I had seen it at the Hamersmith Apollo I wanted to see it again!

Darcey is a great role model for children and devotes a lot of her time to her various projects for them. She writes books for her children’s collection The Magic Ballerina and on her range of childrens dancewear. Darcey herself has two children, Phoebe Olivia, and Zoe Sophia.

Lastly, Darcey also has a pilates dvd and book you can buy. For me it was the best at home ‘workout’ I ever did. I know I am biased but the effects speak for themselves. You can buy any of Darcey’s books or Dvds from www.amazon.co.uk

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