Perrie Edwards

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I’m a massive fan of Little Mix, they are talented, intelligent and kind young women who are fantastic role models to the young girls in our society. They emerged onto our screens on the 2011 series of X Factor in the UK. Normally the problem I have with these types of reality programmes is the fascination of being famous for ‘famous sake’ rather than fame being a byproduct of talent.

Nevertheles, I continued to watch and I was surprised to see that Little Mix held themselves with dignity throughout the show, and didn’t employ any cheap tactics to gain votes, unlike so many acts before them. They relied solely on their voices, and for the first time since the X Factor started, a group won the competition. An indication that the public will choose talent over novelty acts (eventually).

During the X Factor their individual style began to develop and it was great to see four very different personalities emerging. We can see their unique identities in the outfits, style and make up choices they make, but somehow their varied styles work together perfectly in the band. What I like most about their style is that it is never overtly provocative, unlike many of their peers in the music industry. Little Mix carry a grace and dignity about themselves. They are authentic pop stars and I sincerely hope the fashion industry and music industry takes note of how far their modesty has taken them.

Recently Perrie Edwards has been pictured in some stunning outfits with hair and make up to match. Here are my top Perrie Edwards looks!