L’orĕal Paris Dermo Expertise Collagen Lip Filler – £14.00

My lips have always been thin and on every application of lipbalm, lipstick and lipgloss I would think to myself, ‘Why wasn’t I blessed with Angelina Jolie’s lips?’ So when this new product came on the market I was straight in line to buy it. It’s a simple two stage process it said, first use the purple side which is called ‘Lip Contour Smoothing Cream’ around the edges of your lips and rub in. Then use the white side ‘Lip Plumping Cream’ as you would a lip balm. I have to say I saw results after a few days. Nobody can deny my lips seemed bigger and I could do a much more impressive pout than ever before.

Did it make my lips look like Angelina Jolie’s? The simple answer is no, but for £14 I’d say I was thoroughly satisfied and 5 tubes later I still am. Although, I do think that the white side needs to be larger as I ran out of the plumping cream way before the contour cream which was fairly annoying. So my suggestion is to be frugal with the plumping cream.


7 lipsticks out of 10