Imperialis Facial Moisturiser by Lush – £12.50

Imperialis Facial Moisturiser

When I first tried this cream I had high expectations as I love Lush products and this moisturizer sounded perfect for my combination skin. Having used this product for one month I have witnessed some really pleasant changes. My favourite being that my skin feels far more smooth and soft than ever before. It feels like feeding the skin with really high quality essential oils and I feel like I’m doing something good for my skin as well as the environment. I have definitely noticed my skin has become less dull than before, and my pores have decreased, which was what I was hoping for.
As you may already know Lush have an impressive zero tolerance for animal testing and use of animal products. Although, not all products are vegan. Imperialis, however, is vegan (there is usually a symbol on the stickers of the vegan products – just so you know). The price tag of £12.50 seems very reasonable even if the pots aren’t that big. As a guideline, I still have half a pot left after one month and I’ve been quite liberal when applying it.  An added bonus is, if you save up five used pots of lush products you get a free Fresh Facemask, so bargain! A few problems I would like to point out are, the cream is pretty runny which makes application a bit more of a faff than other more substantial creams. If you agree with that try putting it in the fridge for a while before application, it makes for an easier application and pleasant sensation on the skin. The smell isn’t too bad and I’d rather have the benefits of a cream that works rather than a highly perfumed mosituriser that brings me out in spots. In truth though I have been using an antibacterial cream on my t zone prior to application of Imperialis because the first week of using solely Imperialis made my t zone more oily. That is just my observation so I’d suggest trying the moisturiser on its own then if like me your t zone isn’t fully under control try adding the antibacterial cream first as the benefits of Imperialis are definitely worth it.


8 lipsticks out of 10