Balance Active Formula Wrinkle-Free Serum – £4.91

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This serum has 4% SYN®- AKE. The new buzz ingredient in any anti wrinkle product. But what is it? It is an ingredient that mimics the muscle freezing effect of the venom of a Snake. It promises to be a needle-free alternative to botox, and it will reduce expression lines and wrinkles – FABULOUS! Does it work? Talking strictly about the Balance Active Formula, it certainly has had an effect my forehead feels more taught than before but not as much as I would have hoped for. Possibly this is because it is a cheaper alternative to the Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum or the Transformula’s Wrinkle Block that both contain the same SYN®-AKE ingredient. I will have to investigate further.

The serum itself is a bit runny on application but doesn’t take long to soak into the skin. A tip would be try not to move your face while the serum is soaking in that way it has maximum chance of keeping the frown lines and expression lines at bay. But as a cheaper product and an introduction to using SYN®-AKE products I would suggest giving it a go especially if you are on a tight budget. Again Sainsburys sell this product so look out for offers or maybe use some spare nectar points? If not it will set you back £4.91 on Amazon and has free delivery!


7 lipsticks out of 10