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I'm Going 'Balmy' over Badger's Cheerful Mind Balm

Those clever little guys at Badger have done it again , they have created yet another ‘can’t live without‘ organic super-product!

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Catrina : 16th October 2013 10:45 pm : Body, Face, Hands & Nails, Product Reviews, Where To Buy?
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Selfridges' Festival Beauty Box Triumph!

It was like Christmas morning opening my Selfridges Beauty Box! It was my first ever Beauty Box from Selfridges and boy, it was good! The current theme is ‘festival beauty’ and I must say, all the products are perfect festival must-haves! more »

Catrina : 11th July 2013 9:00 am : Body, Face, Hands, Hands & Nails, Make-Up, Nails, New Products, Product Reviews, Skin Care, Special Offers, Where To Buy?
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Katie Holmes Stuns In 'Navy and Nude' Ad For Bobbi Brown!

Katie Holmes is clearly, very pretty naturally! Do you remember her from her iconic Dawson’s Creek days? She has always had that, ‘girl next door’ look about her. She seems so wholesome, and beautiful, both inside and out! However, in these photos for Bobbi Brown, she just looks phenomenal! She has been updated with smoky eyes, strong brows and  dusky pink lips. Her complexion is even more flawless than usual, with some added colour too. It really suits her! I am fast learning, Bobbi Brown is a genius!

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Catrina : 20th June 2013 9:27 pm : Articles, New Products, Where To Buy?
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Major Beauty Sale At Harrods Today!

I can’t quite believe I’m saying this; but there are some real bargains to be had on the Harrods online store!There have been quite a few sales recently, but surprisingly, Harrods seems to be winning on the best bargain stakes!

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Catrina : 13th June 2013 12:01 pm : Articles, Where To Buy?
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Carpe Summer With TOMS!

If you haven’t heard of the company TOMS, who make awesome footwear, and now eye wear, then let me be the first to introduce you to this exciting brand. TOMS shoes are iconic, they have taken the casual canvas shoe, and reinvented it, with many different and exciting designs. They are the hottest things to have on your feet at the moment!

Not only are TOMS known for their fashionable status, oh no! The premise of their brand is that with each product bought; another one will be donated to a person in need, they call this their, ‘One for One’ policy.

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Catrina : 30th May 2013 9:12 pm : Where To Buy?
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Interview With Awesome New Company: Sick-Note Cures & Remedies

Today’s interview is about the new company, Sick- Note, who offer a range of packages to send to a person when they are one of the many variants of feeling sick. Whether that be home sick, new-parent-tired sick, love sick, hungover sick or just plain poorly sick. Each package is specifically tailored for each type of  ‘sick-ness’ and contain lots of goodies to suit their overall purpose. The care packs range from £19.99 – £49.99 (plus delivery), and are so worth it! The unique brand has taken off , and has even appeared in the Tatler magazine in their ‘Notes-to-Self’ section. In the review they quite rightly comment that the lovely people at Sick -Note, ‘have been thoughtful so you don’t have to!’. I couldn’t agree more, and my experiences with the brand, have proved that, again and again. My experience with them has shown me just how much they care about making each package perfect for the recipient. They even adapt a pack if it contains something that the recipient is allergic to, or doesn’t like. They also offer a bespoke package, where one can choose exactly what they want from a list of fabulous products.
Catrina : 4th May 2013 9:59 pm : Interviews, New Products, Where To Buy?
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Marie Claire May Edition Comes With Free Ciate Polish!

Ciate nail varnish in ‘Pocket Money’ (shade 107),  is my perfect shade of polish, and I’m elated that I have finally found it! I have been endlessly searching for a colour that I can wear with any outfit as a staple varnish for daily use. I’m tired of having to change my nail colour every time I change an outfit. Especially as I am a lover of bright colours, which tend to clash with every other colour but itself. So it became a daily routine to put a new colour on each morning!

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Catrina : 17th April 2013 11:44 am : Articles, Hands & Nails, Nails, Special Offers, Where To Buy?
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clarins offers

Clarins AMAZING Offers!

The amazing and awesome company Clarins, which makes some of my most favourite products such as Beauty Flash Balm and Instant Eye Make Up Remover, have got some amazing offers on! Yipee! (Yes I did just say Yipee, hanging my head in shame!)

Firstly, Clarins is currently doing FREE DELIVERY for this Easter weekend!

Not only that but with each order you can choose THREE FREE SAMPLES from 89 possible products, if you haven’t tried the iconic Beauty Flash Balm then this is your opportunity to try!

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Catrina : 30th March 2013 11:28 am : Special Offers, Where To Buy?
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Bee Lovely To Your Hands, Hand Cream, Neal's Yard

Ooh this yellow and blue packaging is so exciting from Neal’s Yard Remedies, as usually their packaging is just blue and white! That is what first attracted me to this hand cream, I’m ashamed to say. Like a bee to a sunflower, I am drawn in by the enticing, vivid, yellow tone of the new swanky packaging.

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Catrina : 28th March 2013 12:05 am : Hands, Hands & Nails, Where To Buy?
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List of Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands According to Cruelty Free International

You can click on the name of any of the brands below which are listed in the CFI list of Cruelty Free brands. This will take you onto their profile for that particular brand. From there you can be forwarded onto the site itself. I hope you find this list of some use.



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Catrina : 5th March 2013 12:31 am : Where To Buy?
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