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We’re All Beautiful People. My Body Image Journey…

Hey Secrets of A Beauty Addict Readers,

Hope you’re well you beautiful people! So if you know me personally you will be aware that I’ve been virtually every size under the sacred Topshop sun. I was overweight as a teen, then became a dancer and went to a size UK 8. I plateaued at about a UK 12 for several years until I became disabled and have slowly risen to a UK size 16/18 . This has been due to a spate of 16 months bedbound, certain medications and undoubtedly eating the boxes of chocs people would bring me in hospital. But they were awesome – so thank you!

Yeah I guess I’ve been pretty bummed about my figure for a good while now and I’ve felt soooo self conscious… my three pair of spanx rule every time I’m going out of the house can attest to that! But you know what, I have to think back and remind myself that at one point I had a really serious condition that could have very easily resulted in dire consequences. And my body, God bless it, got me through! So each time I catch myself thinking negatively about this part or that part , I need to remind myself how lucky I am to be here, to have this incredibly magical body and even though I cant feel my legs, I am lucky to feel with my hands, to see through my eyes, to taste, and yes, to smell the roses.

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Catrina : 14th September 2018 9:07 pm : Articles, Articles & Interviews, Beauty Addict, Body, Featured
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Nourish Relax Body Wash My Ultimate Treat!

Those beautiful people at Nourish have once again made a top-notch, organic, high-end, luxury yet affordable ‘It-Product’!

If you have read some of my previous reviews of Nourish products you will know how passionate I am about this uniquely awesome brand. Simply put, they care! They care about the environment, they care about animals, they care about their products, making them the best they could possibly be, and most of all they care about their customers.

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Catrina : 8th December 2013 1:00 pm : Body, Featured, Product Reviews
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Review Of Badger’s Iconic Sleep Balm

Oooh what a luxury it is to use Badger’s Sleep Balm! It has become a permanent resident on my bedside table along with my eye mask and sound machine, (can you tell I have trouble sleeping?). If you are like me, and getting to sleep isn’t always as easy as it sounds, I really feel that you too, would benefit from this ‘little tin of peacefulness’.

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Catrina : 26th November 2013 4:40 pm : Body, Face, Featured, Product Reviews
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With Skinetica, Clear Skin Has Never Been So Easy!

Teenage girls and boys are not the only ones to covet this amazing clear-skin elixir! Oh no, people of all ages are benefiting from this awesome skin enhancing tonic. This is because it isn’t just a super-duper spot-clearing lotion, it’s also an excellent toner, and a top-notch primer too!

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Catrina : 18th October 2013 9:42 pm : Body, Face, Product Reviews, Skin Care
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I'm Going 'Balmy' over Badger's Cheerful Mind Balm

Those clever little guys at Badger have done it again , they have created yet another ‘can’t live without‘ organic super-product!

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Catrina : 16th October 2013 10:45 pm : Body, Face, Hands & Nails, Product Reviews, Where To Buy?
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dr lipp 4

Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm For Lips! My Most Unusual Beauty Addiction…

I received a sample of Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm For Lips, in it’s cool little charcoal coloured tube with a striking thin pink square on the front, and it’s retro style black and white writing. The striking packaging was the first thing I noticed, and  I had already visualised it on my make-up dressing table; the design would fit right in with the rest of my favourite products! But when I read the title of the product, I must say I became rather dubious to say the very least. I thought, “Nipple balm? For the lips? Are you serious?”

Intrigued, I decided to read more about the product on the back of the packaging. Here’s what was written:

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Catrina : 29th September 2013 9:35 pm : Body, Face, Hands, Hands & Nails, Lips, Nails, New Products, Skin Care
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Meet My New Best Friend – Weleda's Arnica Massage Balm!

Wow…that is all I can say about this product, (well that isn’t technically true, as this would be a rubbish review! But you get the point.)

As a person with many back problems, which have left me in a wheelchair, I am always looking for a new product that offers some kind of relief from aches and pains. I’ve tried the lot, and although helpful, nothing quite does the job properly! However, what I like about Weleda’s Arnica Massage Balm, is that it relaxes the mind as well as the muscles, which is equally as important when dealing with pain.

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Catrina : 21st September 2013 10:02 am : Body, New Products, Product Reviews
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Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, My New Hair Must-Have!

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is not only the world’s first pre-shampoo; it’s a complete ‘ hair transforming magic-treatment’! I first came across Elasticizer in the pages of magazines, where celebrities after celebrities had named it a ‘must-have product’! The most recent of which is Georgia May Jagger who has revealed she can’t do without this wonder treatment in the pages of September’s issue of Cosmopolitan!

Since first reading about it’s amazing results, ridiculous amounts of people have recommended Elasticizer to me, including two hairdressers! So, I finally caved in and sampled the fast-becoming cult product, and I was far from disappointed.

I applied the recommended amount over sections of my wet hair, paying particular attention to dry areas. I then held the hair up with a towel round it (I didn’t have a cap), and left it on for 20 mins before washing it out. I was pleasantly surprised when I removed the towel, my hair was softer than I have ever felt. Once I had used shampoo and conditioner my hair was incredibly clean, soft and shiny – perfect!

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Catrina : 10th September 2013 6:35 am : Hair, New Products, Product Reviews
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Coloursmash Hair Shadow £10.00

So you’ve applied your eye shadow and it’s looking good, but then you look to your hair, which isn’t looking good, and your confidence quickly fades. Your hair’s the same old shade as ever, and it’s dull and lifeless, you don’t want the risk of permanently changing colour and hating it, and you don’t want to use these cheap spray-in colours which are infamous for dodgy coverage and giving the hair a lovely texture of straw! You think ‘ I wish there was an ‘eye shadow’ for my hair!’ Well if that’s you, you’re in luck!

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Catrina : 21st July 2013 9:41 pm : Hair, Product Reviews
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Selfridges' Festival Beauty Box Triumph!

It was like Christmas morning opening my Selfridges Beauty Box! It was my first ever Beauty Box from Selfridges and boy, it was good! The current theme is ‘festival beauty’ and I must say, all the products are perfect festival must-haves! more »

Catrina : 11th July 2013 9:00 am : Body, Face, Hands, Hands & Nails, Make-Up, Nails, New Products, Product Reviews, Skin Care, Special Offers, Where To Buy?
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