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IT Cosmetics CC+ Full Coverage Cream Review

My Review Of IT Cosmetics CC+ Colour Correcting Full Coverage Cream £30

Things to remember before you read my review:

*I have combination skin
*I like a dewy finish from my foundation
*I’m 31 years old
*My skin is generally clear but I have issues with large pores.
*I have super pale skin.

I use shade FAIR.


So I’m going to skip to the good stuff, I love this product. This is why…

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Catrina : 16th September 2018 4:35 pm : Featured, Make-Up, New Products, Product Reviews
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Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm For Lips! My Most Unusual Beauty Addiction…

I received a sample of Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm For Lips, in it’s cool little charcoal coloured tube with a striking thin pink square on the front, and it’s retro style black and white writing. The striking packaging was the first thing I noticed, and  I had already visualised it on my make-up dressing table; the design would fit right in with the rest of my favourite products! But when I read the title of the product, I must say I became rather dubious to say the very least. I thought, “Nipple balm? For the lips? Are you serious?”

Intrigued, I decided to read more about the product on the back of the packaging. Here’s what was written:

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Catrina : 29th September 2013 9:35 pm : Body, Face, Hands, Hands & Nails, Lips, Nails, New Products, Skin Care
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Daniel Sandler's Awesome Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer Duo

I am in LOVE!

Wow, Daniel Sandler you’ve done it again! That guy really understands what we make up wearer’s, need and want, from our cosmetics!

So, Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer, what is it like?

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Catrina : 23rd September 2013 11:48 am : Face, Make-Up, New Products, Product Reviews
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Meet My New Best Friend – Weleda's Arnica Massage Balm!

Wow…that is all I can say about this product, (well that isn’t technically true, as this would be a rubbish review! But you get the point.)

As a person with many back problems, which have left me in a wheelchair, I am always looking for a new product that offers some kind of relief from aches and pains. I’ve tried the lot, and although helpful, nothing quite does the job properly! However, what I like about Weleda’s Arnica Massage Balm, is that it relaxes the mind as well as the muscles, which is equally as important when dealing with pain.

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Catrina : 21st September 2013 10:02 am : Body, New Products, Product Reviews
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Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, My New Hair Must-Have!

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is not only the world’s first pre-shampoo; it’s a complete ‘ hair transforming magic-treatment’! I first came across Elasticizer in the pages of magazines, where celebrities after celebrities had named it a ‘must-have product’! The most recent of which is Georgia May Jagger who has revealed she can’t do without this wonder treatment in the pages of September’s issue of Cosmopolitan!

Since first reading about it’s amazing results, ridiculous amounts of people have recommended Elasticizer to me, including two hairdressers! So, I finally caved in and sampled the fast-becoming cult product, and I was far from disappointed.

I applied the recommended amount over sections of my wet hair, paying particular attention to dry areas. I then held the hair up with a towel round it (I didn’t have a cap), and left it on for 20 mins before washing it out. I was pleasantly surprised when I removed the towel, my hair was softer than I have ever felt. Once I had used shampoo and conditioner my hair was incredibly clean, soft and shiny – perfect!

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Catrina : 10th September 2013 6:35 am : Hair, New Products, Product Reviews
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Seche Vite And Me, Our Bitter-Sweet Relationship

So after all the hype about ‘The World’s finest top coat‘ Seche Vite, I was ridiculously excited to try out my latest sample. After applying a base coat and colour, I applied a layer of this renowned fast-drying top coat, and left my nails to dry.

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Catrina : 1st September 2013 10:00 pm : Hands & Nails, Nails, New Products
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Selfridges' Festival Beauty Box Triumph!

It was like Christmas morning opening my Selfridges Beauty Box! It was my first ever Beauty Box from Selfridges and boy, it was good! The current theme is ‘festival beauty’ and I must say, all the products are perfect festival must-haves! more »

Catrina : 11th July 2013 9:00 am : Body, Face, Hands, Hands & Nails, Make-Up, Nails, New Products, Product Reviews, Skin Care, Special Offers, Where To Buy?
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Katie Holmes Stuns In 'Navy and Nude' Ad For Bobbi Brown!

Katie Holmes is clearly, very pretty naturally! Do you remember her from her iconic Dawson’s Creek days? She has always had that, ‘girl next door’ look about her. She seems so wholesome, and beautiful, both inside and out! However, in these photos for Bobbi Brown, she just looks phenomenal! She has been updated with smoky eyes, strong brows and  dusky pink lips. Her complexion is even more flawless than usual, with some added colour too. It really suits her! I am fast learning, Bobbi Brown is a genius!

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Catrina : 20th June 2013 9:27 pm : Articles, New Products, Where To Buy?
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Paul And Joe Hand Cream Gift Set Exclusive To Asos – £11.50

Oh my word, how excited was I to see an awesome gift set with Paul and Joe hand cream which usually retails at £11.50 , with a free Paul And Joe cosmetic bag, ( with the iconic cat print )and free Paul And Joe Eye Treatment Duo Sachet! What a bargain!

When I received the gift set, the first thing I noticed was the quality of the cosmetic bag, it’s worth the £11.50 alone! The bag is made from a lightweight fabric, that has a silky feel to it, and is the type of fabric that is waterproof. It is zipped at the top and has a kitsch, gold charm that pulls the zip along, which has Paul And Joe engraved on it. Inside the bag, there’s a cream lining and on one of the sides, there is a little pocket to keep smaller items separate. This cosmetic bag is so well made, and has obviously been carefully designed. I love it!
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Catrina : 1st June 2013 8:07 pm : Hands, New Products, Skin Care
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Interview With Awesome New Company: Sick-Note Cures & Remedies

Today’s interview is about the new company, Sick- Note, who offer a range of packages to send to a person when they are one of the many variants of feeling sick. Whether that be home sick, new-parent-tired sick, love sick, hungover sick or just plain poorly sick. Each package is specifically tailored for each type of  ‘sick-ness’ and contain lots of goodies to suit their overall purpose. The care packs range from £19.99 – £49.99 (plus delivery), and are so worth it! The unique brand has taken off , and has even appeared in the Tatler magazine in their ‘Notes-to-Self’ section. In the review they quite rightly comment that the lovely people at Sick -Note, ‘have been thoughtful so you don’t have to!’. I couldn’t agree more, and my experiences with the brand, have proved that, again and again. My experience with them has shown me just how much they care about making each package perfect for the recipient. They even adapt a pack if it contains something that the recipient is allergic to, or doesn’t like. They also offer a bespoke package, where one can choose exactly what they want from a list of fabulous products.
Catrina : 4th May 2013 9:59 pm : Interviews, New Products, Where To Buy?
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