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Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm For Lips! My Most Unusual Beauty Addiction…

I received a sample of Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm For Lips, in it’s cool little charcoal coloured tube with a striking thin pink square on the front, and it’s retro style black and white writing. The striking packaging was the first thing I noticed, and  I had already visualised it on my make-up dressing table; the design would fit right in with the rest of my favourite products! But when I read the title of the product, I must say I became rather dubious to say the very least. I thought, “Nipple balm? For the lips? Are you serious?”

Intrigued, I decided to read more about the product on the back of the packaging. Here’s what was written:

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Catrina : 29th September 2013 9:35 pm : Body, Face, Hands, Hands & Nails, Lips, Nails, New Products, Skin Care
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Seche Vite And Me, Our Bitter-Sweet Relationship

So after all the hype about ‘The World’s finest top coat‘ Seche Vite, I was ridiculously excited to try out my latest sample. After applying a base coat and colour, I applied a layer of this renowned fast-drying top coat, and left my nails to dry.

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Catrina : 1st September 2013 10:00 pm : Hands & Nails, Nails, New Products
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Azature Real DIAMOND Nail Varnish

Azature, the luxury jewellery couturier, has moved into the cosmetics sector with their uber cool nail varnishes. They have gone on to redefine the industry with their lavish products, that have taken the world by storm. In conjunction with their launch of the  267 Carat Black Diamond Nail Polish, which is the most expensive varnish in the world, Azature has created more affordable set of varnishes in an array of colours. The range is aimed at those who are unable to indulge in the more expensive version, which is a whopping £160,000. These nail polishes are just £17, which gives one a taste of luxury. without the massive price tag.

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Catrina : 29th July 2013 9:35 am : Nails, Product Reviews
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Selfridges' Festival Beauty Box Triumph!

It was like Christmas morning opening my Selfridges Beauty Box! It was my first ever Beauty Box from Selfridges and boy, it was good! The current theme is ‘festival beauty’ and I must say, all the products are perfect festival must-haves! more »

Catrina : 11th July 2013 9:00 am : Body, Face, Hands, Hands & Nails, Make-Up, Nails, New Products, Product Reviews, Skin Care, Special Offers, Where To Buy?
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Marie Claire May Edition Comes With Free Ciate Polish!

Ciate nail varnish in ‘Pocket Money’ (shade 107),  is my perfect shade of polish, and I’m elated that I have finally found it! I have been endlessly searching for a colour that I can wear with any outfit as a staple varnish for daily use. I’m tired of having to change my nail colour every time I change an outfit. Especially as I am a lover of bright colours, which tend to clash with every other colour but itself. So it became a daily routine to put a new colour on each morning!

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Catrina : 17th April 2013 11:44 am : Articles, Hands & Nails, Nails, Special Offers, Where To Buy?
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Wild Rose Beauty Balm by Neal's Yard Remedies £37.00

The Wild Rose Beauty Balm has become some-what of a cult favourite, and I can understand why! The moment I opened the cobalt blue jar containing 50g’s of pure rosy goodness, I was in love! The smell of roses is so delicious, it is reminiscent of a typical English garden, full of blossoming flowers. To me, this product is England, in a jar! It glides onto the skin with such ease, and nourishes, as you massage it into the skin. Only a small amount is needed, so the jar lasts a long time. It also comes with a free organic muslin cloth to enable you to try the various suggested uses. The balm is suitable for all skin types, and it has been dermatologically tested. It’s so versatile,  I’m loving finding new uses for it every day! The organic wild rosehip seed oil is one of the richest natural sources of vitamins, including A, B1 and B2. These are essential nutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which we need to maintain healthy skin.

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Catrina : 11th April 2013 1:48 pm : Body, Face, Hands, Hands & Nails, Lips, Nails, Product Reviews, Skin Care
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8 hour cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream… How Have I missed this Gem?

Whilst reading magazines, so many celebrities talk about their love of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, it has become something of a ‘Cult Classic Product’ . I always used to think I must try it. However, one day while watching a friend using it I saw the colour of the cream as it came out of the tube, (it’s a shade of apricot at first, then appears clear once applied), I was completely put off.

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Catrina : 10th April 2013 3:02 pm : Body, Face, Hands, Hands & Nails, Lips, Nails, Skin Care
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MÓA The Green Balm 50ml £9.99

Fabulous product! It’s an organic tea tree based balm which can be used for many purposes and all over the body. I use it for dry skin, itchy skin, use it after shaving my legs, a body moisturizer, for eczema, a facial cleansing balm, I use on split ends and rinse out, can be used on cold sores, bites and grazes to name just a few uses. There is always a pot of The Green Balm in my bag! It has a nice texture and soaks in well. It has a nice subtle smell of tea tree which isn’t as overpowering as the tea tree oil on it’s own. It usually costs about £4.99 for the 15ml handbag size or £9.99 for the 50ml larger pot. This company is firmly against animal testing, so another reason to buy this multipurpose wonder-balm! Here’s the website to get more information and you can also buy it off

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Catrina : 12th February 2013 2:17 am : Body, Face, Hair, Hands, Hands & Nails, Lips, Nails, Skin Care
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Rimmel I ♥ Fruities Lasting Finish Nail Polish 025 Strawberry Fizz – £2.99

To describe the colour of this nail varnish you will need think about the halfway point between baby pink and fuscia. I’m going to call it True Pink because it’s original name ‘Strawberries Fizz’ may mislead you into thinking that it’s red. Although, the strawberry fragrance which is emitted when painting the nails is a welcome suprise. The beautifully vivid pigment creates perfectly pink nails with 100% coverage of the nail. Gone are the days of translucent sheens being passed off as colours on your nails. The drying time was impressive and I didn’t bother with a second coat. My nail varnish started to chip after 2 and ½ days of wearing it, which obviously could have been extended by an additional coat of the pink and then the use of a clear top coat. All in all a great value quality product!

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Catrina : 30th January 2013 10:07 pm : Nails
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