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Lytham Film Company Fighting Discrimination One Laugh At A Time

Lytham film company are currently filming their new feature Super Grannies!

The film’s cast includes residents at the Fairhaven Care Home in Lytham St Annes. They have been spotted all round Lytham shooting their outrageous comedy. If you come upon ninjas in St Annes, worry not, you have probably just walked onto the Super Grannies. set!

Yes, the film promises to be a laugh a minute, and the team behind the film have certainly worked incredibly hard so that you go home crying with laughter.

The film is being directed by Neal Gavyn an actor from St Annes. Gavyn actually provides creative pursuits for the residents of Fairhaven, and apparently it was when two residents asked to do a film that instigated Super Grannies. Gavyn and his Lytham Film Company partner Sophie Heppell, have been the driving force and writing partners behind the whole project.

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Catrina : 18th August 2017 5:21 pm : Articles & Interviews, Charity
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Look Pretty In Pink Whilst Helping Beat Breast Cancer!

We ladies are known to be great at shopping, amazing at looking good in all situations, but also most importantly, we are known for being there for each other in times of need. Would you believe that buying Breast Cancer products enables us to do all three at once! Yes, we have always been ace at multi-tasking, so here’s our chance to shine inwardly and outwardly!

The products below have become available this month because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Lots of amazing companies are highlighting this crucial cause, and are backing the campaign. They are doing this by adding new product/s to their usual line, then donating all (or a percentage) of the proceeds of that product to these incredibly important charities, all to do with Breast Cancer. Usually they are easy to spot as the items are packaged with the infamous Breast Cancer ribbon logo, or stand out from the crowd in a delightful shade of pink.

Did I ever mention pink is my favourite colour? I feel like Christmas has come early this year!

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Catrina : 9th October 2013 10:56 pm : Articles, Charity
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Because I Am A Girl

If you would like to see some more of my writing then you can read the blog I wrote for the charity, ‘Because I Am A Girl’. They are an awesome charity that I have written about before on the site.

The charity aims to get all girls around the world into education. Their slogan is ‘Empower a girl. Transform a community’.

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Catrina : 10th June 2013 1:24 pm : Articles, Beauty Addict, Charity
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